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The New Moon in Libra Sept. 28th

I don't know about you but for me there is something inviting about the calmness of a quiet night. You know, the ind where the loudest noises you hear are the crickets singing, the breeze through the trees, your own thoughts and your heart beat.

Those are the dark nights where the only thing to light the sky are the stars and planets that dot the blackness like innumerable offers of potential. In those nights there is something scared at work. The deep magic that every living being is tethered to, in the same way that a mother is tied to her child, is felt as a subtle resonant awareness. The infinite umbilicus of akashik memory ties everything that ever was to everything that ever will be, and you are in the center of it.

On September 28th we are all invited into that dark night as the New Moon takes dominion over the skies. The new moon happens each month when the sun and moon have the same ecliptic longitude, in other words they are arranged in just such a way that the Earth casts her shadow upon the moon, darkening Gaia and allowing us to take an inward journey.

If you have ever wondered, the New Moon is just as important and profound as the Full Moon.

It is the subconscious or instinctual invitation to begin something new, a primordial effort to direct your path consciously by communing with the subconscious.

It is the darkness of the New Moon that reveals what is normally the subtext to the conscious narrative that motivates your actions.

As the New Moon visits the sign of Libra your inner most thoughts will turn to defining and understanding the true nature of your partnerships. The key to using the energy of this specific new moon is to find that sense of inner balance within your relationships.

Because Libra rules partnerships, you are likely to feel particularly sensitive to the connections you have with other people, especially your closest relationships.

You may want to look at just how you see yourself and feel about yourself relative to the ones

you are nearest to your heart. You should take time to check what you are contributing to your partnerships, ask yourself if you are giving enough to your relationship, or if in fact you have been self centred, or sometimes even narrow minded. If you have been accused of being too impulsive or even insensitive there is an easy fix for that... hiding under your bed. Ok maybe not.

What I would recommend is taking a look within. As hard as it is, you should examine your emotions, do your best to use your intellect and see if in fact there are areas where you may lack in lack objectivity and perspective. In this case being critical will work to your advantage. Don't worry, if you realize that maybe your dark side has been hanging out, it happens to us all. Just tuck it back in where it belongs, and work on keeping it under control.

Nothing undermines your personal happiness more than when a person's dark side is dragging around behind them out in public.

New Moon in Libra Practice for Healing Your Relationship

Now I wouldn't leave you to battle out these vibes all on your own! Because I love you I'm going to offer you a practice you can use to clear out the old gunk of the last month and bring in some new energy for the next Lunar phase.

You're gonna need a few goodies to help to enhance the potency of your intentions.

Get the following crystals:

Rose Quartz- For universal kindness and unconditional love

Clear Quartz - to magnify your intentions

Red Jasper - To help keep you grounded

Selenite - For cleansing and purification

Black Tourmaline - For protection

Hematite for reflecting negative & destructive energies.

Loose Herbs:

Sage - For purification

Lavender - For inviting in balance, loving energy and spirits

Rosemary - For Healing and Clarity

Cinnamon - For protection

Bowl or shell for burning

Glass of water




Pink candle

Black candle

White Candle

Now, onto setting your intentions for the next cycle:

Choose a time when you will be alone and you can quietly reflect on your relationship or partnership.

You may choose to do this indoor our outdoor, either is fine, just be somewhere where you can focus.

Take your candles and place them on a fire/ heat proof surface

Arrange your crystals around the candles in whatever way you like best

Carefully light your candles

Take one part of each of the herbs (about a pinch) and mix them evenly.

Place herbal mix in the bowl

Light the herbal mix with a match or a lighter... let the herbal mix smoulder

Write down your intentions for what you would like invite into your relationship on the paper

As you hold this sacred space drink the water you have, thinking or meditating on what you would like in your closest relationships.

When you have finished drinking your water blow out your candles. Then place your folded paper with your intentions under your crystals and place all of the items somewhere you will see them. This completes the practice.

The inset chart is for the New Moon In Libra Sept. 28, 2019

The Moon will start it's journey through its New Moon Phase in the sign of Libra in the 12th house.

If you are curious about your natal moon, and what house your moon is in, please visit the services category by clicking here to book a 1 to 1 natal chart consult or order your personal horoscope.

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Is a second generation traditional western astrologer specializing in Natal, synastry & Business astrology. She is also a Tarot veteran, a practicing practicing mystic offering Astrology, Tarot, Holistic Healing and many other mystical modalities from her Hillsburgh, Ontario offices.

Known as The North Star Mystic, Alysa is passionate about all thing esoteric, metaphysical and spiritual. For more information or how to book a service or session visit

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