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  • Reiki First Degree

    Reiki is a powerful form of healing that is available to all who wish to learn. The first degree of Reiki focuses on teaching the philosophy and practice of using Reiki for self-healing. Reiki is a wonderful, soothing and revitalizing alternative healing modality. Your learning experience will be facilitated in a warm and friendly online environment in a 2 part class facilitated over 2 days in 3.5-hour sessions. In the classes, you will be taught the exact same material as you would in the in-person class, including breaks for stretching and refreshment. There will be ample time to learn each increment of Reiki, as well as practice the self-healing elements and guidance for practising on another person. If you wish, you could invite a family member ( or as I like to call it - Shanghai them into service) to assist you in your learning for the portion of the class where you learn to treat another person. What you will learn: • Brief history of Reiki • The 4 Aspects of Reiki • Chakra system • Self-healing • Hand position for self-healing • Hand positions for pet healing • Reiki First Degree Attunement - Usui Shiki Ryoho, Tibetan, Divine Yu • Practice Self Treatment • Guided meditation Materials: • E-Workbook • Hand position Chart • Pet hand position chart Cat & Dog • Hand position for self-healing reference • Hand position for pet healing reference All attunements will be given 1:1 at the end of the class, and you may choose to schedule your distance attunement at a different date if that is more convenient for you. *** Additionally, If you choose to participate in the online training, you will also be entitled to schedule an additional attunement in person at no extra cost to you. Requirements: None ** 6 participant max ** 2 Participant min Certificate: Yes Fee: $200 ** $50 Non-refundable deposit Certificate - YES

  • Reiki Second Degree

    Reiki is a form of healing that uses Universal Energy to heal the body, Mind and Soul. Reiki is a powerful form of healing that is available to all who wish to learn. The second degree of Reiki focuses on expanding your healing skills through introducing you to distance healing, additional symbols and techniques for a higher level of healing. Your initiations will be provided to you on the second day of training. Your learning experience will be facilitated in a warm and friendly online environment in a 2 part class facilitated over 2 days in 3.5-hour sessions. In the classes, you will be taught the exact same material as you would in the in-person class, including breaks for stretching and refreshment. There will be ample time to learn each increment of Reiki, as well as practice the self-healing elements and guidance for practicing on another person. If you wish, you could invite a family member ( or as I like to call it - Shanghai them into service) to assist you in your learning for the portion of the class where you learn to treat another person. What you will learn: Distance healing techniques Distance healing symbols Emergency Symbol • Guided meditation Materials: • E-Workbook • Hand position Chart Distance Healing Guide All attunements will be given 1:1 at the end of the class, and you may choose to schedule your distance attunement at a different date if that is more convenient for you. *** Additionally, If you choose to participate in the online training, you will also be entitled to schedule an additional attunement in person at no extra cost to you. Requirements: None ** 6 participant max ** 2 Participant min Certificate: Yes Fee: $275

  • Dream Work

    For thousands of years, people have used dreams to guide their waking life, believing that a dreamer gained access to higher realms of consciousness. Shamans, soothsayers, mystics, channels and mediums have understood the power of the dream world and that accessing the wisdom kept there was not only a gift but a truly compelling force for higher knowing. Every Thursday during November I will guide you on a journey of exploration where you will learn to decode the secret language of your dreams. Through your discoveries, you will witness the undeniable link between your dreams and spirituality, thereby mastering the ability to leverage the messages woven into your dreams. Dreamwork will include instruction for - Session 1: April 14th - Recording - Learn the best practice for recording dreams so you’re able to capture the details you need while they are still fresh. Learn when, how and what information you need to record from your dreams. Session 2: April 21st - Dream Classification - Recognize which type of dream you have had and what category it belongs to. Learn to identify the differences between reoccurring dreams, nightmare, prophetic dreams, and more which will serve by helping you to clearly analyze and interpret your dreams. Session 3: April 28th -Analyzing - Uncover which aspects of your dreams are the most important to delineate and how to assign meaning and relevance to symbols, signs and spirits. Session 4: May 5th - Interpreting - Learn to interpret some of the most common dream symbols, their meaning and how to apply them to waking life. Class Fee- $90 CAD Wednesday's April 7th - May 5th 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM EST Materials include: Weekly Workbook & Dream Journal Downloads Weekly Guided Dream Meditations Private NSMA Group Online Zoom Room

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  • Uranus Stations Direct In Taurus Jan 14, 2021

    Soooooo.... here we are 2 whole weeks into 2021. I don't know about you, but I have felt hopeful one second and then completely shocked at what I see on the news and on social media in the next. It's like every time I turn around there is a new WTF going on. There are changes happening all over the world, and in our own homes with what feels like a sucker punch. Catching you off guard and unprepared. This my dear Mystic, is the hallmark of Uranus's energy. This distant social planet loves nothing more than to catch us by surprise, and I'm sure my dear Mystic that you can agree this past year has been full of sudden shocks and astonishments. Now more than ever, we as a global community, are being tested and checked for the tenacity to pursue new ways of society. Over the entire globe, all over the world, it has become stunningly clear that humanity's resources come into focus. Because of this, it is important for us to take stock of what we truly care about. What our specific values are, who we are as human beings who share the planet, nations, cities, towns and households. Who are we now and who do we really wish to be? So let's break this down a little bit more. Every planet in our solar system with the exception of Earth will go into apparent retrograde motion... or look like it is moving backwards compared to its normal path through the sky. When a planet goes retrograde, its normal energy alters. Instead of the energy of the planet flowing easily and radiating unobstructed... it moves a lot like water trying to pass through a hair-clogged drain. It doesn't move "well" it has a level of resistance that makes it hard for the planet to express its energy. So, that energy affects us humans, by turning our attention inward. We are guided into those internal spaces where our truest selves reside. It is when we come into contact with the most essential self that we have to then "sort our SHIT". Uranus is an odd and excentric planet, I often compare it to the electrical genius, Nicola Tesla. He, much like our buddy Uranus was obsessed with all things electric and experimented with it. Additionally, like Uranus, we were a man possessed of a humanitarian genius. He wanted all of humanity to benefit from his innovations. He was unusual, brilliant and altruistic. These are all things associated with Uranus. Tesla was also known to be... weird... like really weird. He fostered several habits that sidelined him as an odd duck. In fact, in the later years of his life he "married a pigeon" having been quoted as saying that he loved his little bird as a man love a woman.... Ummm ok? In any event, you can see that the energy of Uranus changes things, suddenly with lightning and the clang of symbols and gongs! These changes are impossible to ignore. Now, put your cake down and let's take a minute to look more closely at the energy of Taurus. Energetically, Taurus has a very stabilizing influence. It is methodical, slow and meticulous. It is by definition, an energy that is determined and deliberate. Taurus rules the second hose that is in many ways associated with all material things. Things that are tangible, things that we feel we own. This includes actual physical possessions like your car, your home, your clothes and even your own body. The second house is also concerned with your values! The things you believe in which give you a sense of ownership over your life and the circumstances of your environment. Any way you slice it, Taurus wants to be comfortable in a nice house with lots of food, no debt and above everything else SECURITY! All in all, when you combine Taurus's requirement for security and Uranus's tendency to instigate sudden change, you can see how this relationship can be a bit challenging. However, this energy has actually been pretty good... you know in the same way that ripping off an old icky band-aide is good. It's scary, it's gonna hurt, but once it's done you can see the full extent of what you need to heal. Sooooo, here we go! Now if you haven't noticed, we have been called to task not just by the circumstances we are faced within our individual lives, but en masse. The whole damn world (Uranus is a transpersonal planet, affects EVERYONE) has literally and figuratively had to cast its vote for what we feel best represents who we are as human beings. This has come through to us as one slap in the face after the next. Not one, but several calls to action. I think there was a young woman who scolded the entire world at one point, stating fiercely ...."YOUR HOUSE IS ON FIRE!" Whether you personally believe in environmental changes or not, quite frankly it doesn't matter.... because there are enough people who do. And, because of this, changes to how we live on this planet have been demanded of us. We must change, like it or not. And... to be totally transparent... I think that even if you don't see any evidence (baaa hah ahh ah aaahh) of these environmental changes, what's wrong with being more careful with our resources? What's wrong with trying to live more cleanly? After all, do YOU shit where you eat? Jus' sayin'. This is Uranus in Taurus Retrograde in action. Your security of thought, belief and literally your life is being openly challenged. You, me, and everyone else have had to re-assess what it means to feel like we have enough of everything we need in order to continue our lives. We have had to go inward - courtesy of Covid-19 - and ask some really critical questions about what we own, what we need and who we are. We have become more reliant on technology (Uranus rules tech) as it has now become our lifeline to all which we believe makes us secure. Ordering groceries (food = Taurus), working from home, going to school or even communicating with loved ones are all being done remotely, and BOY are we feeling it. How many times have you thought to yourself... gee, I've taken all of my freedoms, all of my loved ones, all of the easy access I used to have to things that ensure my security... for GRANTED!!?? See that is you looking inward (retrograde) at what you value (Taurus). And the list goes on... and on, and on. Now that Uranus is stationed direct, things are going to shift yet again. The drain (remember the one I mentioned earlier) is unclogging. Energy is going to begin to move more directly and dynamically. So, in response to this my sweet Mystic, you get to answer some of the following questions - How do I feel about the state of our environment? How do I feel about my country? How do you I about my Government? How do I feel about my body? Do I need all this shit I ordered from Amazon? Do I need to change how I look at my spouse, children and aged family members? Am I really, truly secure? And let me tell ya, the answer isn't a nod of your head. It's not a statement or a social media post. It is in your actions. It is how you demonstrate your values through your behaviour and actions. It's not enough to declare your feelings and set your intentions... no darling, you have to act in alignment with the truth! There is no room for bullshit, no room for anything other than what you are ready to OWN! It's time for your own INNER REVOLUTION! Change bravely and seek a better world. Be brave, I'm with you. I'm having to adapt my angle of approach too. I'm pivoting my behaviour and the things I stand for and against, same as you. We are all in this together. (don't you roll your eyes at me! HAHAHAHAA) All my love! Uranus retrograde is a regular cycle lasting 155 days each year in which the planet moves four degrees in reverse through the zodiac. Retrogrades are a time of inner change in response to external changes in your life. To understand how this particular retrograde affected you personally, check out what aspects and house placement transiting are created in comparison to transiting Uranus.

  • January Capricorn New Moon

    There is something that just seems so fitting about the new moon being in the sign of Capricorn. I don't know what it is, but when the Moon is in the Dark of her phases it's like a softness wraps the silence of the night. The New Moon is a time to go inward, and dream, finding the creative place where potential begins. This Moon phase could have you feeling the need to leave a legacy in the world, this totally gets along with the agenda of Capricorn. Capricorn wants you to do something notable, worthwhile and most of all important. Don't stress though, this doesn't mean you have to secure the next moon landing or start a new fortune 500 company! Rather, use this energy for planning, plotting and imagining all the things you wish to accomplish. Build the energy in your mind, in your heart and eventually that energy will be so strong that it can't be contained by Capricorn or the New Moon! Even though the last year has been a time of constriction, the New Moon in Capricorn could have you feeling a creeping sense of urgency, like there is something you need to finish before the clock runs out. This is "normal", that agitation is a result of the Moon's energy being obscured by the Earth causing it to eagerly seek the Sun's revitalizing light. Or in other words, it is like drawing back the string of the bow, building the tension that will help you release all that has held you back. You know... if you are ready ;) While the Moon is dark, you are ending a karmic cycle –re leasing the bonds of the past and embracing the potentials of the future. This can sometimes be a little painful as may need to go inward to uncover the REAL reasons you have held onto things that hurt instead of heal. Be brave dear Mystic and do the hard work so that you may emerge into the world a newer, fresher version of yourself. It's all about preparing yourself for a whole new phase, completing karmic contracts so that you may go forward with no loose ends. You may have noticed that you are feeling HIGHLY SENSITIVE and perhaps even a bit more psychic during this time which can sometimes make it difficult for you to exist in the "normal" world. If you WORK to harmonize your sensitive feelings with a practical approach to the situations you're faced with, you will find it easier to protect yourself while also uncovering a sense of fulfillment. Additionally, you also may notice that you have a heightened ability to understand complicated concepts, which can be used to help others along in their own journey to awakening. Helping others up my dear Mystic is the fastest way to make Capricorn happy because through helping others, you elevate yourself. Your beautiful radiant light shines all the more brilliantly when you are using what you know for the benefit of your fellow Mystic... or non-Mystic... or your cat. During this period you may feel more secure when life is structured, or you are working hard. This helps you to make sense of a world that seems to have spiralled out of control and into cray-cray town. While you are focusing on your plans, organizing your world or plotting the course of action that will deliver you to success, you could little emotionally distant or cold to those around you. You might even get a little melancholic or grumpy. Soften this for those around you with communication. Relationships will need a little extra care during this time. It is easy to become very absorbed in your own reality and forget that others may need your attention. You just have to be sure to let the ones you love know that they are important to you... but for now, you need to focus on taking over the damn world. Spiritually speaking this might be a good time to look at your own behaviour, have you been responsible? Do you have any debts of service? Is there anything you could do to make anyone's life better? This is also a good time to study, look at where your beliefs come from, locate the point of origin for the values you hold. Clean out anything that isn't in alignment with the person you wish to be. Sounds like a lot of work doesn't it? Well, it is a lot of work and that's what Capricorn likes! To help you lighten up, use Sunstone, a bright Clear Quartz or a warming Carnelian or take a lovely salty bath! All my love to you <3

  • What is done in the dark, becomes visible in the light. New Moon Solar Eclipse

    New Moon Solar Eclipse in the archer's sign Sagittarius! Now the energies from the luminaries bring us into a space where you may experience a considerable, expansion, metamorphosis and even some sudden changes… fair warning they may feel like a disaster but will in fact bring an explosion of growth. During the Dark or new New Moon phase, new energy is emerging. Growing in the space if a completed cycle, where one thing has died off in your life it leaves an open space where something new may germinate. While in the sign of Sagittarius, you are likely feeling like something HAS to change. Like the itchy old too tight sweater your life has become, must be ripped from your body so that you can be free. You may not feel it from your outside circumstances… rather it is likely that this "discomfort" is coming from within. Which can make it difficult to understand just why you're feeling that way. You know you have had to change many things in your life in response to the conditions of the outside world… but that ain't it. It's bigger, more compelling and impossible to ignore. So what do you do? How do you change all those itchy, chaffing feelings? How do you get outside and run free? Good question… I'm glad you asked! Start with reevaluating your goals and intentions from the past six months. What is thriving and what is laying collecting dust? Decided what you want to nurture and what you are willing to release. Another thing to consider is that this New Moon will be partnering to a certain degree with the Moon’s South Node in Sagittarius. The tail of the dragon, or the South Node, tells us of our past lives, karmic cycles we are engaged in, and the nature of the energies you brought with you or have mastered in your past life. The North Node, on the other hand, is your life mission, the lesson plan for your current life and it signifies where you need to grow and improve so that you may master the lessons of this lifetime. So, New Moon Solar Eclipse is a HUGE window of opportunity that you may use to readjust your pathway going forward. You may choose to adapt your intentions, or even set NEW ones. My dear Mystic, now is the time to make a fully conscious effort to shift your ATTENTION to healing wounds... New or old... and free yourself from the restraints of your past and end old karmic cycles. Basically… get your shit together and get down to the business if being the badass I know you are. For some of you, this new moon eclipse energy could have you feeling extremely emotional. You may feel as though you can't keep up with the demand of all the pressure that seems to have been building higher and heavier with every passing day. Sagittarius wants FREEDOM. Not just your -"I get to do what I want when I want" brand of freedom. True liberty is what the centaur wants. Freedom of thought, movement, creativity and of course emotional freedom. This strong influence will have you bucking against anything that seems to be a mechanism of control. You want to hurry your hooves into the chest of any oppressor - real or imagined. All I can think about is Daenerys Stormborn demanding that everyone "bend the knee" The good news is that with eclipse energy something WILL change. It may seem sudden or even disastrous, but please, if you can remember that this proceeds the transformation that will inevitably bring joy. Freedom. During this time, I suggest you do very quiet grounding activities. If you can, meditate, practice yoga, breathwork, take a purification bath, sleep or find a way to just be still. Create stability and inner quiet and connect with your soul and your heart centre. Try to establish clarity on what it is that would allow you to be fully happy and fulfilled. Don't judge what comes to you, simply observe. Use the increasing Sagittarian energy to see the bigger picture, it just may really help you uncover what is truly for your highest good. You may discover that you must shift your perspectives on life, that what was true six months ago is now somehow different. Don't view this change as a loss… see it as an evolution! You may also find that consciousness upgrades occur as a result of your new-found clarity. Remember that nothing is permanent, fortunately, everything is ALWAYS changing. This is an opportunity for you to consciously embrace that awareness. For some of you, you may realize that your spiritual beliefs are changing as well. You may notice that your capacity for understanding and integration is also expanding. The borders of what you could accept are now increasing to include things that were unknown to you only a short time ago. This rapid transformation allows you to set new goals for your development and to make space for yourself to heal and honour your feelings. You are literally being called to know yourself on a deep, more holistic level. Additionally, this is also the final New Moon of the year, bringing completion to a full lunar cycle! Reflect on this past year, how far have you come? How many obstacles have you overcome? How many wounds have you healed? How much have you learned? Use this energy to see yourself as you were, as you are now, and who you aspire yet to be. Lastly my dear mystic, this current Solar Eclipse is linked to the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius back in June on the 5th. It might be interesting to look back at this time. Think about what you were working to release, did you let it go? Think back on the changes you were working to make, did you achieve them? Think about what patterns were showing up in your life, where you able to rewire them? Going forward, think about how you can refine your intentions, how can you direct your energy now to help you transform and evolve? What waits for you as you pass over this threshold and into the next cycles of your life? And for Gods sake don't charge your damn crystals!! Or make moon water! In ancient astrology, an eclipse was said to foretell the death of kings! Save that for when the energy isn't so damned Eclipsey and intense.

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