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Life Path Architect

They say the devil is in the details,  and I couldn't agree more! With my exclusive Life Path Alchemy package, you'll get all the details you need to make the next right move in the most important areas of your life

We'll connect via Zoom or phone, crafting a space where magic and practicality meet. Whether you're seeking clarity in your career, relationships, or personal development, I'm here to guide you. We'll focus on what matters most to you, ensuring each session is as unique as your own life path.

Whether it's your career calling for attention, relationships that need rekindling, or a personal growth path that beckons, we tailor each session to your heart's desires. My specialty? Weaving together the wisdom of the tarot with the cosmic insights of astrology to offer you a road map that's as detailed as it is enlightening.

The magic happens when we blend these insights with practical, actionable coaching strategies. Tailored advice, born from a blend of mystical wisdom and grounded expertise, will empower you to navigate life's complexities confidently and gracefully.

Imagine getting a tarot reading that's laser-focused on your chosen topic, not just skimming the surface but diving deep to uncover truths and directions. Couple that with a personalized astrological consultation, and you've got a powerful combo that lights up the path ahead with clarity and purpose.

And it doesn't end there. Post-session, you'll receive a printable PDF, a treasure trove of information with a personalized 2-week astrological forecast. This isn't your run-of-the-mill horoscope; it's a detailed guide highlighting your most critical days and offering personalized advice to navigate them quickly and confidently.

Plus, every session you book with me not only brings you closer to your goals but also earns you 50 points in our Loyalty Rewards Program, unlocking more pathways to growth and self-discovery.

Package Details:


  • Regular Price: $300 per session 

  • Session Duration: 75 minutes

  • Format: Zoom or Phone Only

  • Customization: Choose a focus area (career, relationships, personal growth)

  • Loyalty Rewards Bonus: 50 Pnts

Each Session Includes:

  • Session Focus - You can choose the topic or let the stars decide

  • Session topic-specific tarot reading

  • Personalized astrological consultation

  • Coaching strategies & advice based on your topic

Post-Session Printable PDF:

  • Printable PDF with a 2-week personalized astrological forecast 

  • Critical days highlighted

  • Personalized advice


 ***  Please allow up to 48 hours after your session for me to prepare your report

Life Path Architect



Valid for 7 days

Session Focus -You choose the topic, or let the stars decide

Loyalty Rewards Bonus: 50 Pnts

Session topic-specific tarot reading

Personalized astrological consultation

Coaching strategies & advice based on your topic

Printable PDF with a 2-week personalized astro forecast

Critical Astro days highlighted with

Personalized advice

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