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In Your Stars




Move out of the confusion, frustration, and maybe even a little fear that has had you trapped in a holding pattern. Using a combination of modalities from Tarot & Oracle cards, Reiki and Astrology all the way to NLP, Hypnosis, Discovery Work,  Strategic success Planning, Personal Empowerment and so, so much more!



Guidance & Insight


Each mentoring session is tailored to your needs; drawing from a wide variety of tools and techniques,  both traditional and modern modalities for the seeker. 



Live Your Truth


Through inducing a state of deep relaxation, hypnosis reaches into your subconscious mind helping to stimulate healthy desires and eradicate unhealthy habits. Hypnosis gently activates the parts of the mind that  automatically guide your actions toward achieving the optimum states of vitality in mind, body and soul.



Ideal for those seeking a deeper level of self-knowing.

Past Life Regression is the perfect way to discover where that comes from. If you have ever wondered why you gravitate towards things, times in history or even places on Earth,


Self Discovery



Lean what you need to know to operate a successful Spiritual & Holistic business!!  



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