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My name is Alysa. If this is your first time meeting me, WELCOME! If we have met before, I'm so glad to have you back here!

Over the years of my service, I have gathered many skills to help guide and mentor others as they seek to live their lives with purpose and clarity. To do this work more completely, I have created a suite of coaching and mentoring packages.

My services are specially crafted for those who are not just in search of answers but are eager to forge a profound bond with their inner truth and the universe's grand design.


In my practice, clarity, direction, and heartfelt support form the cornerstone of the transformative experience I provide.

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What Enlightened & Aligned Coaching Offers:

Personalized Astrology: Let’s explore the power of your astrological chart together. Astrological readings aim to unveil the celestial forces shaping your life or business, offering insights into your unique personality, challenges, and opportunities for growth.

Tarot Guidance: Each session is a unique window into your deepest thoughts, fears, and hopes. These readings offer clarity and guidance, empowering you to face life's complexities with renewed insight and confidence.

Impactful Life Coaching: My life coaching transcends traditional advice. It’s a process of empowering you to harness cosmic insights, leading to meaningful action and positive life changes. I'm here to support you in every step, helping you achieve a life of balance, fulfillment, and purpose.

Great Start

Life Path Architect



Valid for 7 days

Most Popular

Purpose & Prosperity



Valid for 6 months

Best Value

Illuminated Life Blueprint



Valid for 6 months

Why Choose My Enlightened and Aligned Coaching?

Enthusiastic and Empathetic Approach: I bring enthusiasm and empathy to every session, recognizing and celebrating the uniqueness of your spiritual path. My goal is to connect deeply with your individual needs and aspirations. I'm SUPER passionate about helping people just like you!!

Holistic Growth and Development: I am committed to nurturing your spiritual awakening as well as emotional, mental, and personal growth, ensuring a holistic journey to enlightenment. I use an integrative approach to mentoring and coaching, ensuring that you get the best of all I have to offer.

Continuous Support and Community: Choosing my services means joining a community of like-minded individuals. I offer ongoing support and opportunities for connection, ensuring that you never feel alone on this path. Curating a healthy and growing community is one of my personal goals, so I take great pride in creating a safe, supportive, and nonjudgmental space for all. 

Transform Your Life Today

If you're seeking top-tier guidance, advice, and support to navigate your life consciously and with confidence, my spiritual coaching and mentoring services are here for you. Ideal for those ready to align with their highest self and embrace the universe's wisdom, I am eager to guide you toward a life of clarity and purpose.

Contact me for a personalized consultation, and let’s start this incredible process together, helping you live confidently and in alignment with your true path.

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