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The Sacred Liminal 

OCTOBER 28 & 29

Brampton, Ontario

Is the symbolic threshold that marks the line of transition between that which was, and that which is yet to be.

Step Into Your Power

What is the Sacred Liminal?


The Sacred Liminal is the symbolic threshold that marks the line of transition between that which was, and that which is yet to be. It is a place of conscious choosing, where one may consciously embrace the calling of their soul with the support of the lodge guides, members, and their helper spirits.


Using the circular nature of the cycles of life as a guide, the activities in the lodge will follow a flowing rhythm and will have four parts, honoring traditional teachings and supported by contemporary therapies.  


The Lodge itself is intended to provide a sacred space where individuals may heal ancestral wounds and personal traumas, uncover thoughts and beliefs that prohibit them from living in the fullness of their soul's purpose. 

The lodge and its collective spirit is a place of healing and liberation.  Each person is offered the leadership and support of the lodge guides so that their fears, wounds and traumas may be identified and released, resulting in the person's healing. It is through this transformational healing that a person may become empowered and enabled to pursue their desired path in life more freely on all levels.


To facilitate personal transformation, participants of the lodge will be offered a blend of spiritual ceremony and ritual with traditional and contemporary elements which are carefully partnered with guided therapeutic practices, creating a powerfully transformative experience. 


Though the nature of the work done in the lodge is deeply spiritual, it is not linked or derivative of any particular religious group, sect or belief structure. Therefore, participants are not in any danger of being in conflict with their personal religious beliefs.

Your Guides

Alysa Bartha

Astrologer, Intuitive Guide, Reiki Grand Master, Founder & Head Instructor of North Star Mystic Academy, and Hereditary Shamanic Healer. Alysa is the creator & host of The Sacred Liminal Lodge.

Alysa is known for guiding people to their own North Star.

Leigh Head shot.jpg

Leigh Whiting

Registered Psychotherapist, Spiritual Director, Reiki Grand Master, Feng Shui Master, and the founder of the Sunstone Centre 

Leigh specializes in transforming lives in meaningful ways!


Your investment in the Sacred Liminal Lodge


Receipt for Psychotherapy for insurances purposes will be provided

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"The Sacred Liminal Lodge

is a place of Healing and Liberation"

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Using the circular nature of the cycles of life as a guide, the activities in the lodge will follow a flowing rhythm. They will have four parts, honouring traditional teachings and supported by contemporary therapies.  

What to expect

Round 1: Inheritance & Identity

Explore and understand the roots of your identity is as an extension of your ancestral inheritance.

In this round, you will: 

  • Share a part of your ancestral story

  • Uncover ancestral wounds & their personal effects

  • Inherited limiting beliefs group work

  • A Shamanic ancestral healing journey

Round 2: The Mind & Intellect

 What you think and what you say are powerful tools that either help or hinder you. Person-centred psychotherapeutic techniques to uncover patterns and behaviours.

In this round, you will:

  • Witnessing Practice

  • Mirroring Exercise

  • Belief Healing & Release

  • Strength Exchange Exercise

  • Shamanic Soul Retrieval Journey

Round 3: The Underworld

Your journey will now take on greater depth with a journey to the Underworld. Here you will be guided in facing your shadow and releasing destructive patterns of behaviour.

In this round, you will:

  • Symbolic Journey to the Underworld

  • Power Restoring Fire Ritual

  • Oath Making Ritual

  • Sweet Grass Ceremony

Round 4: Rebirth & Renewal

All of your hard work is now rewarded with rebirth and celebration! You've crossed the Sacred Liminal and now your inspired path begins anew!

In this round, you will:

  • Cedar Bath Rebirthing Ritual

  • Sacred Tool Consecration

  • Drumming and Dancing

  • Sacred Liminal Lodge Closing Ceremony

Receipt for Psychotherapy for insurance purposes will be provided

to participate in the Sacred Liminal  Lodge, each member will be asked to bring the following items:


Dress comfortably in loose clothes - You may wear anything you wish, but please avoid tight or clinging clothing. This includes yoga pants, jeans, and or any other clothing that clings to the body.

This tradition is honored because it allows freedom of movement as well as it is considered respectful of the lodge, the ancestors, and ourselves. 


Though it is suggested that gentlewomen wear dresses or skirts and gentlemen wear comfortable, loose clothing. This is a traditional practice and is not meant to bypass or overlook your personal expression of identity. If you identify as gender fluid or non-binary, please dress in clothing that best represents you as a human being. 


  • Yoga mat or equivalent - members will be seated on their mat for much of the time in the lodge. Please be sure that your mat is suitable for placement on the grass.


  • Pillows, meditation cushions - these can be brought for your additional comfort, but are not required. Only bring what you can comfortably carry in one trip from your vehicle. 

  • Blanket - Any blanket will do. It is suggested that the blanket be one that you are familiar with. You only need one blanket. This is for comfort rather than warmth.

  • Journal - A journal will be provided to you to document your experiences

Four small items 

  • One Item that is meaningful to you in a positive way. It can be something given to you by a loved family member, an item that is attached to a happy event, or even one that is inherited. Whatever you choose should be special and represent you in some way.

  • One Item that is to be traded with a new friend - This item should be something that has significance to you, but is not expensive or something you are parting with because it has painful memories attached to it. Remember, you will be trading this item with a new friend. This item should also be something that you are happy to have owned and are happy to trade with a new friend. 

  • An Item that is to be released- this item should be something that represents your personal path to liberation! It should be an item that is small and can be consumed by fire. Items can include photos, letters, trinkets or anything that will mark your release from a part of your life that has previously held you back. 

  • An Item to consecrate - This item should be something NEW. Something that has no other attachments to your past. This item should be something that you will use regularly or that you will see often. This item will be part of your sacred tools to help you going forward in your life.


  • Your Drum or shaker - if you have a drum or shaker you would like to bring, please do!!

Breaks are scheduled for refreshment

You may bring food and a drink if you like to share with the lodge members, or for your personal refreshment.  



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At North Star Mystic, the safety of our Facilitator sand Guests is Paramount.

Here are some of the measures we are taking to ensure it:

A signed Covid-19 Health Declaration is required before entry into the event and will be provided on site

  • Please do not attend The Sacred Liminal Lodge if you have returned from travel (including domestic) without a 2-week quarantine after arrival

  • If you are feeling ill in any way, please do not attend The Sacred Liminal Lodge until you have been symptom-free for a minimum of 1 week in advance of the event.

  • Please do not attend The Sacred Liminal Lodge if you have been in a group gathering of 50+ within the last 2 weeks​​

  • Mats are 6 feet apart with markers on the floor​

  • There will be no hands-on activities for the time being. Lodge Guides will stay at the front

  • The Sacred Liminal Lodge is capped at provincially recommended numbers to meet social distancing requirements 

  • Sanitizers will be available but it is preferred you bring your own to prevent cross contamination

Upon successful registration, you will be contacted by phone to confirm your booking. The purpose of this phone call is to advise you of what your experience will entail. We look forward to walking you past the Sacred Liminal.


Can't join the lodge this time?


Please add yourself to our waitlist for updates of future Lodge events!

Ticket holders must present their tickets upon arrival. You can either print your ticket or present this digital version. You can find all the details about this event on our website.  If you have any questions or issues, please get in touch. Looking forward to seeing you there!


TICKET PURCHASE/ REFUND POLICY- 50% of your ticket price is due at the time of booking; whether you pay in installments or in full at the time of booking, 50% of your whole ticket price is non-refundable. If you cannot attend, you may transfer your ticket to another participant (less a $25 inconvenience fee). Cancellations up to 2 weeks before the event are 100% non-refundable.

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