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Dec 19th 2021 - Jan 2022

Venus Retrograde in Capricorn

So you may have been feeling a little something rustling in the background of your life. Like a funny little tickle in the back of your neck, like when the tag from a sweater is scratchy and annoying you…. Like you can't ignore it even if you try.

So it could be the altered energy of Venus in retrograde in Capricorn. If you have noticed your attention shifting to things like your relationships and your finances… this is most definitely why.

Lets dive in a little further and I will tell you how this works.

Venus, while being the planet of love, also has rulership in your finances. She doesn’t hold the purse strings per se, rather she influences how much money you are likely to have, and how you are inclined to spend it. She also has a say in terms of your values.. In other words, she helps you identify what you love and why.

This retrograde begins with Venus transiting the second house, which is also one of Venus’s two homes, the other being the 7th house which is the home of Libra.

The second house is where your astrologer will look to see what's going on with your personal wealth… or lack thereof. Depending on which planet is in your second house at birth and also what sign is on the house cusp, will go a long way in describing how you view and handle matters as it concerns your personal resources.

Venus loves beauty, like that is her main gig! She wants everything to feel and look beautiful and she will urge you to make your surroundings lovely. But, when Venus is in retrograde, it’s traditionally thought its not an ideal time for investing or buying luxury items, even if you feel like it would make you feel better.

Sometimes when Venus is in retrograde it can confuse your senses. Meaning you may see things as unattractive when in fact everything is just fine. You may even feel like you need to change your appearance through buying new clothes or changing your hairstyle.

Again, I have to throw up a caution flag! Remember, there is a bit of distortion to contend with and trust me… as your astrologer friend, this is not an advisable plan! Please don’t hate me…but you really don’t want those orange plaid pants, or that mullet, or that brazilian butt lift right now. On that note, not only do we tend to think we need to improve our appearance, but we also tend to spend way more money than we need to!

For this particular retrograde, Venus is in Capricorn which means to some degree you may notice that you are feeling more introspective. As Capricorn is not Venus's favourite sign. You see Capricorn is kind of serious by comparison. The goat fish wants you to be practical, grounded and above all... frugal.

Like save your damn money… and don’t text your ex!

Where Venus is interested in luxury, Capricorn is all about being conservative. And, because of this sort of opposite energy, you could find yourself looking back into your past, reminiscing. As a result of Capricorns serious and sometimes severe energy, you may be looking back in your past to times when you felt lonesome or instances when you felt abandoned by love.

I’m going to be honest with you, this may be a hard Venus retrograde for some of us.

On the up shot, you may discover that old friends, or lovers may resurface after long absences. It may even feel as though an element of fate is involved in their return to your life. They may come to you as a support or as a test of your resolve. In any case, you should take a moment to really go through the steps and checks and make sure that this person is really someone you want to re-enter your life.

As an added element of interest, you might notice that relationships that have seemed to become distance reestablish themselves in your life. This could be a very healing experience for you if you allow yourself to work through the healing process.

Last but not least… make sure that you take it easy in the spending department! I have been telling my clients and even my students that the next little while is going to be particularly challenging for everyone financially. This retrograde may have you really assessing what is a want and what is a need.

This is not to imply that you should totally deprive yourself of even the small joys, but it does mean that you should be mindful of spending. Venus in retrograde can sometimes give you overly optimistic accounting skills.

Follow the lead of Capricorn, be conservative. In total, Venus retrograde in Capricorn is really about finding satisfaction and contentment with that you have now so that you can create a more sustainable future. See how you can use your resources wisely and with an eye for creative solutions. Some times old is better than new!

P.S. If you have to buy things… maybe check out antiques!

If you would like to know more about Venus retrograde, here is a video


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