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Hey Game Changers, Tonight after 10pm the moon enters Scorpio

Hey Game Changers,

Tonight after 10pm the moon leaves the sign of Libra and enters into the sign of Scorpio.

Mystery is Scorpios middle name can you guess why? If not - you're not alone.

Scorpio energy can sometimes be characterized by words like deep, enigmatic and secretive. However that is only one side of the story when it comes to this sign. Ruled by water and feminine by nature Scorpio also has a certain dignity and majesty that is magnetic.

While the Scorpion and the Eagle visit the moon don

't expect lullabies, don't look for bright and Shiney displays of emotion. Scorpio plays the game a little different. You may notice that relationships will take on a bit more of an adversarial tone. Unexpected flare ups and even an argument or two may likely occur. It's like whatever has been boiling in the pot isn't just overflowing - it explodes. Scorpio takes no prisoners... Scorpio demands transformation. Transformation often comes when comfort leaves. It is somewhat subversive energy as compared to warm and diplomatic Libra. None the less it it powerful and necessary.

With Pluto and Mars sharing rulership over this sign you can bet that a great deal of energy will be placed upon getting through the superficial. Ever the detective, when Scorpio meets with the moon you will likely feel the urge to get to the core of whatever has been bothering you or making you feel powerless. You don't just "want" answers you MUST have them.

As with all things Moonlings, you musn't fear what is needed. Just because Scorpio stirs the pot and asks you to lick t

he spoon... it doesn't mean that it's gonna taste like sh*t. Often times whatever the Scorpio moon brings to the surface is long over due. It's like the detox you need but don't wanna take. But your emotional body needs it... almost like a reset.

Scorpio is darkly beautiful- it cuts through the crap and helps us transform into a better version of who we are meant to be.

♡♡♡ Even if it hits the fan with someone you love or even someone you don't - over the next few days, remember that releasing emotions that are toxic makes room for better things. Just remember it's OK to kiss and make up.

That's all for now Moonlings 🌟🌛❤🌜🌟

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