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Hey Analyzers, The moon is now in Virgo. Yaaay for practical pursuits.

Hey Analyzers,

The moon is now in Virgo. Yaaay for practical pursuits. After the full moon in Leo with its superness and blueness it's time to come back down to Earth with Virgo's logical nature.

You may feel an urge to be of service to people around you as this is also the nature of this sign.

While the moon is the ruler of your emotions Virgo influences your intellect. Virgo's planetary ruler Mercury loves think, ponder and communicate and Virgo loves to analyze systems and sort patterns all of this combined with the moon and you may very well find yourself analyzing what makes you feel safe and secure. What habits and patterns you have held onto and how they have affected you. You could even be looking at how the world perceives you and if the way you communicate is received the way that you want it to.

Introspection is the tone of this moon in Virgo. Now is a good time to take in feed back from others. Just be sure you are receptive to constructive criticism... remember darlin' that's how you grow.

☆☆☆ For all you social media kids... this a great time to get vlogging & blogging share your personal stories and experiences and watch your numbers grow.

◇◇◇ Keep in mind that under a Virgo moon you could easily slip into an overly critical frame of mind. Especially if an argument plucks an emotional nerve. Just do your best to look for solutions instead of pinpointing the obvious problems.

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