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An ever-expanding dimension.

Hey Mystics

There is something to be said about following your own internal compass. There will be circumstances, and events, and even sometimes people who will attempt to undermine you. People may not like what you are doing or how you do it. Life events may slow you down or even stop you for a minute.

It will hurt, it will be scary, but you can't listen to the fear! You cant allow other people to project onto you what fears they hold within themselves, nor can you let the circumstances of your life keep you captive in the land of "what if".

It's hard, I struggle with it too sometimes. Nonetheless, I push forward, I integrate all of my experiences into creating more of what I want, and less of what I don't.

My inner child loves to learn new things! She loves to play with concepts and interacts with people who love to learn as well.

That little girl is bombastic sometimes, but she is excited and looking for the next butterfly to chase. She loves her friends, she loves her toys and she loves you. Like for reals! But she is also small, and vulnerable. She hates loud voices and yelling. She shudders at the thought of being the source of another's pain. She wants bright colours, warm weather and comfortable;e places to be with her friends. She wants her Mother's pride and her Father's support.

My inner Elder reminds me to cool my jets and simmer down when I want to be reflexive and react.

Oh and she also reminds me of the value of an open, loving and forgiving heart.... especially when I feel wronged. That one is hard. My inner elder is that soft place to land when my wings get tired or bent.

She reminds me that time is everything.... and nothing at all. She shows me the stars and tells me that everything is written there by the hand of God. Everything that is, was or shall be is there and God wants me to look and see what is there for us all. Not just me...

I have learned, and continue to learn to use all sorts of tools to deepen my understanding of self and the meaning of life.

I always endeavour to share what I know with the full knowledge that there is always more to be learned. I'm lucky that way... I've chosen things that will always evolve and teach me with an ever-expanding dimension. I will never become stagnant. I will never be the Guru. I will always seek the light, and I will always find it. In me. In you. It is resident, and resonant.

I learn, and I teach. I thrive and sometimes I fail; but all in all, I have learned to walk my own path, to live in the light of who I am... warts and all as my Grandmother used to say.

My goal is singular. My focus is myopic. I want NOTHING more than to have made people feel loved and supported as they grow and ascend their own spiral of evolution. That is the legacy I will leave.

That is my journey.

That's it. Pretty simple.

Let me hear you say LOVE!

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