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Buckle up baby 2020 is gonna be a ride!

Happy New Year!!!

Holy smokes things are gonna kick into high gear in 2020. We have 6… oh yeah SIX eclipses this year, retrogrades form all the planets in our solar system and so much more!!!

Lets talk about the eclipses coming our way!

Eclipses have always fascinated human kind as far back as there have been humans to observe them. Our collective relationship with this celestial phenomena has evolved over recorded history. We have always stood in awe when the Earth, Sun and Moon all align, especially when the skies are darkened and life seems to stand at still attention for a few heartbeats, jaws agape and wonder in our eyes. Its as if for a brief moment we are reminded of our tininess on the universal stage. In the almost imperceptible space between breaths we become aware of just how small and vulnerable we are. However, I also believe we can, for just a second, be in the presence of something greater than ourselves; something that is unfathomable, yet universally felt.

What may seem as strictly part of the great clockwork that is ever ticking forward in a natural progression of the physical world, seemingly also has metaphysical, spiritual and esoteric significance.

"In Astrology, we see Eclipses as a portal so to speak; a conduit through which a special kind of energy will pass from the Illuminating celestial bodies of the sun and moon down to us humans."

The Universe loves to send us opportunities to enact change in our lives, and Eclipses are the fastest, most potent way to get our often meandering attention. Eclipses shake us a little bit. Rattling us, surprising us and getting us out of our respective ruts. All of this is intended to lead you to evolve and become a better more mature version of yourself. You are here to grow expand and reach for a higher plane of spiritual awareness and these eclipses are the gateway through which super charged transformation energy is sent to you me and every other sentient being.

Interestingly, eclipses always travel in pairs, synchronizing with new and full moon phases, as solar and lunar eclipses, respectively. Eclipses always arrive in a sort of family of signs that are joined on the same axis. In other words, eclipse families come in pairs of signs that are found exactly opposite each other (six months apart) on the horoscope wheel.

To help you understand the mechanics of this celestial phenomena, a solar eclipse occurs when the moon lodges between the Sun and earth, blocking all light of the light of the Sun. This is what we typically think of when we use the word “eclipse,” with the moon covering the Sun.

Additionally, a lunar eclipse happens when the earth comes between the moon and the Sun, blocking all the light of the Sun from the moon.

Remember, the moon has no light of her own, her place in the cosmos is to act as the great mirror of the sun. Also, a lunar eclipse is always a full moon and usually marks endings or culmination points.

So to put it in perspective an of any kind eclipse is a significant event in the in our star system. To put it in basic terms, a solar eclipse is really a new moon on jacked up on steroids and a lunar eclipse is a full moon on performance enhancing drugs. I have read somewhere that they have the strength of three new moons or full moons…. So yeah they are pretty intense!

Even though our first eclipse is still a bout 10 days away the feelings, sensitivities, and effects are already being felt by many people. If you have noticed feelings are cropping up then here are some points to help you understand WTF is happening. Keep in mind, not all things are bad, in fact even difficult experiences are intended to help you move forward in your life in the most positive way.

So here are a few things to be aware of -

You are very likely to be feeling more emotional, Intuitive and sensitive than usual under a LUNAR eclipse... Like this one.

Ok, maybe you're feeling more moody, weepy, grumpy, agitated, or just weird.. Totes Normal!!! Yeah, you will be feeling a bit out of sorts. Emotions may run a little higher, or a little deeper. You might be so sensitive you can hardly stand the sound of someone breathing two rooms away. You might cry at the drop of a hat. You might want to run away...elope… quit your job or even divorce humanity. I get it, I really do, but don’t do it. That is just emotional sensitivity talking. Instead, try to take some alone time. If you can, try to separate your feelings from your fears/ fantasies and just sit on the bench for a while before making any life altering decisions. Wait, breath, wait some more.

The Veil will be a bit thinner…

For some of us, it will feel like the veil between the physical world and the spiritual world is inordinately thin. You may notice that your dreams are more vivid, psychic senses are sharper and your intuition will kinda be

on fire a little bit - a lot. The Lunar eclipse happening on the 10th of January is in the sign of Cancer. With the energies of Cancer influencing this eclipse, you may have dreams, or messages from loved ones that have passed over, especially from Moms, Grandma’s Aunties and sisters. Cancer is a feminine water sign and is naturally ruled by the moon so you can expect the special bonds you hold with those you felt the most protected and nurtured by will be activated to help you grow into your next phase in the coming decade.

Even if the eclipse does not to fall in your sign or rising sign it will still have an affect on you.

Ok, lets say that the eclipse is happening in the sign of Leo and you happen to be a Capricorn and you have read that all fire signs will be affected by the eclipse, that doesn’t mean you get a free pass. Equally, it doesn’t mean you will be hit any harder than anyone else. The main thing is don’t think that you get to sit the eclipse out if your sign isn’t mentioned or directly activated. You may instead find that you are going to take a short trip that changes your life in some way. Maybe you will start a job or quit one. Or perhaps you will get some unexpected news suddenly. The main thing to understand is your Sun or Ascending sign doesn’t have to be directly involved to have an event triggered that just might change your life.

One Door closes and another one opens with all

Eclipses…. And new opportunities arrive with Solar eclipses!

When Eclipse energy is active it can make you feel a little unstable. As if you are a new born baby Bambi attempting to walk on very rubbery inexperienced legs. You feel unsure if the Eclipse energy is here to support you or tear you to pieces. However, once given tie to acclimate you will discover that your legs work just fine, they are strong enough to hold you up. When you take your first steps into the world on the other side of the Eclipse you will discover that not only are your legs going to hold you up they will take you wherever you want to go.

It’s amazing how once we go through an eclipse, nothing is ever the same. Believe it or not this is usually always good (of course this depends on your mindset and circumstances) because in some way you are being propelled forward. You can’t go back, and nor should you. Even if a part of you misses “the good old days” it’s better to forge ahead we can never go back to the past but that’s exactly what the universe wants and it is the natural order of your progression up the ever ascending spiral of consciousness. Just know that the only direction with an eclipse is forward. In some cases the changes can happen instantly, or they can gradually occur over a period of several months, growing ever more defined with each successive eclipse. Nonetheless, the changes can initially come as a shock. Just do your best to trust the process. Even i you don’t understand the why of what is happening, it will unfold and eventually become clear. Trust the process my dear mystic.

Solar eclipses tend to create new beginnings and bright new opportunities.

More often than not Solar eclipses bring excitement and positivity into your life. There is an element of excitement and sometimes wonderful news just seems to drop out of the sky unexpectedly However, it is very important to look at the relationship or aspect the sun is making with the other planets in the soar system to truly judge the quality of energy the solar eclipse brings. In some cases, there can be challenging aspects that can somewhat dampen the positivity a solar eclipse normally gives. Your best bet is to see how the transiting eclipse affects your natal planets and what kind of aspects are made between your natal chart and the day or

night of the eclipse. This will tell you how you will be affected personally rather than just the general themes the eclipse gives all of us.

Lunar eclipses are more emotional, bringing nostalgia, sensitivity and final endings.

Lunar Eclipses have a very distinct feel compare to a solar eclipse. As the moon rules our emotions, the subconscious mind and our default patterns… you know, the things you do unconsciously. Also, the moon has an influence on your sense of the passage of time, thus making you feel sentimental. It is important that you are aware that a full moon lunar eclipse is almost certainly going to be an especially emotional time. Things from your past may come back to the surface and dreams come to you vividly and with sometimes feeling nearly physical. Special messages may come from unexpected sources and the veil between this world and the spirit world will feel especially thin. From this, eclipses often bring things to a close, tying up lose ends and completing cycles that you have been in. Letting go and finding closure is often the them with Lunar Eclipses.

The prime directive of an Eclipse is to reveal the truth by injecting your life with a lightning bolt of truth. No part of your life will remain untouched and you will be forced to release any illusions that you have held.

Eclipses are like a big spot light into your life. Illuminating the truth and also uncovering the source of any illusions or untruths. Your shadow, the shadows of others and even the shadow of the worlds collective consciousness revealed. This is not an act of cosmic punishment or shaming, no, if fact it is like opening the curtains in a darkened room. Everything is brilliantly illuminated, revealing a truth that until now you have been blind to. Suddenly with new clarity, you can look at things critically and transform, release or even adopt a new way of going forward. For many people what is revealed can be shocking enough that they are ready to make dramatic changes in order to accommodate what new knowledge they have. This energy can be used as a powerful tool to direct your course of action toward aligning you with what you truly want. Just remember eclipses always come as your ally, even if you lean a scary, or uncomfortable truth, it is always in effort to guide you toward a better version of yourself.

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