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When the universe is talking to you… LISTEN

In my work, I am fortunate enough to see people through various stages of their life’s journey.

Some are looking for affirmation that they are on the right path, and for others, they are just beginning on the path of discovery, becoming more familiar with the various sides of their own consciousness. For me, it is always fascinating to watch a person unfold every layer of self and to be a part of that process.

Every person has an extremely unique life and collection of experiences. I hate the fact that the term snowflake has become a common way to refer to someone who is thought of as being overly sensitive and weak. I like to compare people to snowflakes in a different way. To me, it describes the idea that everyone is different yet still made of the same stuff, and for this reason, I think the term snowflake is perfect.

What the hell do snowflakes and the universes talking to you have in common?

Glad you asked!

So here’s the thing, the Universe or Spirit, or whatever else you want to call in, talks to you all the time. Like literally all the time.

The Tap - You get the tap when you aren’t in alignment with something you are doing. This doesn’t mean it’s something you are doing by choice, sometimes it is something that you FEEL you have to do out of obligation. I like to use the example of a job you HATE. You have to work, you have to earn a living, but sometimes it’s not where you should be. Sometimes your job is making you miserable but you can’t leave … after all the bills ain’t gonna pay themselves. Do you get The Tap?

The Tap usually shows up as negative emotions. You get anxiety when you think of the thing you don’t want to do. Or you get angry and irritable just talking about it. In the worst cases, you start to feel depressed. In any event, the message is that you aren’t in alignment with what you are doing or what is happening around you. The Tap is given as a gentle (ish) invitation to leave the situation, to readjust your trajectory if you will. Hopefully, you will stop right there and change directions so as to avoid more intervention fro the Universe.

The Slap - If you haven’t listened to the warnings that the universe has been whispering in your ear… she will get LOUDER. Oh yea, she will become direct and very stern, just like when you were a kid and you weren’t listening to your mom. The universe has a way of being very persistent when aligning you with your highest good, it will set things in your path to derail you from anything that isn’t in perfect harmony with your truest self.

You will lose jobs, friends and lovers. You will experience delays, blockages and things that seem to stop you from making progress; most of all, you will feel as though you are always fighting to get anywhere with anything. This is yet another way the universe tries to inform you. The problem is that many of these signs are easy to ignore because they feel like bad luck.

So, often people misinterpret “the Slap” as cosmic punishment or even just plain old bad luck. As you might guess, if one doesn’t find the direction they need to go; or worse ignore the universes less than subtle nudge’s, shit get’s REAL.

Getting knocked the F**K out - I think we have all been laid low by the universe once or twice in our lives. There is an event or something that happens that just knocks you down and lays you out worse than a high school parking lot fight. You find yourself disoriented because the world is spinning and you keep trying to figure out what the hell you did to deserve getting hit by the proverbial karmic truck.

See, the universe knocks you out as a last resort.

As I mentioned before, literally every experience you have is intended to bring you to the highest expression of yourself, not just the potential, but the actual fulfilment of your soul's purpose. When a person continues to ignore or subvert the authentic expression of who they are, or what they need to be healthy, the universe will force you to stop whatever you were doing. It will force you to the ground and make you take a long hard look at the reality of your life.

Your choices will be forced down a channel that compels you to reexamine what you really want and who you really are. When the universe knocks you the fuck out you get major illnesses, accidents, and sometimes you get a little too close to death. Mind you, that doesn’t necessarily mean YOU will die, it just means something happens that feels like a death. I have been there a few times in my life.

Each time, I had been totally turning a blind eye to the jumbotron sized red flags, and ultimately the only answer was to undo my world. So the universe did. I won’t go into detail about all the ways the lessons were taught to me, but, suffice to say getting knocked the fuck out gives a girl pause to reflect on all the things that could have been done differently.

Naturally, most of us want to be doing the right thing, we want to be on the right path and know that it is purposeful and has meaning. But, for most of us, there is a great deal of trial and error getting there. Often times we have to push past fear, the desire for acceptance and of course the understanding of those we love and respect most. However, the call of your soul purpose rarely will include please all the people all the time.

So, as you can see, the universe communicates to you in ways that are sometimes misinterpreted but always sending you signs to redirect you when you are off course. It’s not just a nicety, its a natural law. Nothing in the entire universe exists without a purpose and that includes you. So when the universe tries to get your attention by sending you a tap...or a slap, please listen before you get knocked the fuck out.



Is a second generation traditional western astrologer specializing in Natal, synastry & Business astrology.

She is also a Tarot veteran, a practicing mystic, offering Astrology, Tarot, Holistic Healing and many other mystical modalities from her Hillsburgh, Ontario offices.

Known as The North Star Mystic, Alysa is passionate about all thing esoteric, metaphysical and spiritual. She is honest, funny as hell and always shares her guidance with heart centered

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