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October 13th Hunters Moon in Aries

I LOVE the smell of fall air. It's like the sweetest and most subtle incense drifting on the air. There is something truly grounding about the smell of wet leaves and wood smoke from the fireplace. It just makes me feel secure, and so connected to the cycles of the planet. October just brings me to my happy place, and that's not just because of Halloween!

This October the First Quarter Moon rests in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn energizes you with the desire to consolidate, organize and get all of your duckies in a row. If you feel like you have been herding cats for the last little while, this Earth signs influence will help you to stabilize your energy.

The first Quarter Moon is fantastic for making you feel a bit more feisty and even energetic. You want to get cracking on things, not just sit there and watch the world go by, you might find yourself feeling like you are ready to close the gap between your dreams and your reality. Focus on advancing your career, be bold and reach for the brass ring!

Just be careful not to be too rigid in your beliefs. Capricorn is pretty serious and like everything to be just such a way, you just have to remember to remain flexible while you move toward completing your goals.

The Full moon in October is The Hunter's Moon.

In the old days, this was the time when hunters would go out in hopes of catching enough game to sustain their families during the winter.

This year, the Full Hunter's Moon Falls in the sign of Aries.

The light of the Full Moon is perfect for illuminating what has been blocking your progress in self expression. You will be able to see what, where and how you have been getting in your own way.

You may be finding that the time for excuses is running out and that with every passing day your instinct to just do the thing - whatever it may be, is getting harder to ignore and even harder to hide. Aries energy is perfect for breaking away from old habits.

Aries loves new everything, new habits, belief structures and even new chapters of life. Aries and the Full Hunter's Moon can embolden even the most timid heart, especially if you let its energy help you to hunt down the true source of your fears. Home and family will also be a point that attracts much of your focus. You will likely feel a strong desire to set yourself apart from your family, claiming your independence and marking your territory. You may have felt rejected by your family or even as though who you are isn't aligned with who they wanted or even told you you should be.

None the less, you should still guard against impulsiveness. That's hard to do especially when you are ready to break free. Just remember that there is time to get what you want out of life but you will only get it if you choose to step into the light of who you truly are.

Here is a quick and easy Hunter's Moon ritual

For this full moon practice get the following

Mystic Materials:

Pieces of pyrite, red jasper, citrine, black tourmaline or obsidian and clear quartz.

Pen and paper



Abalone shell or other such fire proof bowl

Clear water


Arrange these stones on image I've created above - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD - in the following way

  1. Begin by using smudging yourself off using the sage, feather and abalone shell to catch any ashes.

  2. Once you have smudged off, place your pyrite, citrine, red jasper and black tourmaline or obsidian on the four corners of the arrows. You can use as many of those stones as you like.

  3. write down the goal you wish to accomplish on the piece of paper.

  4. Fold it four times and place it over the image of the full moon.

  5. Take your piece of clear quartz and put it on top of your paper.

  6. Sit with your grid/ alter for a few moments and visualize yourself completing the goal/ project you wish to accomplish.

  7. Drink the water

  8. Once you have finished the water take your stones from the four corners and place them in the pouch, then the clear quartz and finally your intention paper.

  9. Once you have collected your stones and your intention in your pouch, you may choose to say a closing prayer.

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On October 21st the Waning Crescent Moon is in Leo, again you may feel a bit more energized, ready to have some fun and take in some R & R. You may feel the need to be acknowledged for something you have been working on and finally completed. You may also feel like it's time that others take notice of just how far you have come... only thing is, you may not want to ask for the praise you really want. That's ok, don't stress about it, but as you are hunting for NEW ways to be an even better version of yourself. At the end of the day, Leo wants you to take charge and be the authority in your own life... and that's exactly what you should be doing. Just be mindful that your pride doesn't prevent you from asking for help... or saying NOOOOOO!


Last but not least.... the NEW MOON... of yes, the Dark Moon will be mingling her energy with Scorpio. So, this could be rather interesting! With Venus just entering Scorpio and the New Moon energy combing with that of Venus and Scorpio.... oh honey!

See this is the perfect storm (in a good way) for really empowering your sexual energy. There have been some demons romping around in your head, scratching and clawing the walls of your imagination... You may feel like provoking, getting the attention of every wandering eye and maybe even challenging anyone who gets in the way of your mission to conquer - yourself. Oh yeah this is all about self satisfaction.

Only it is the kind that comes from understand why you are the way your are and then transforming what was into what is meant to be. Scorpio will force you to flush out any self-deceit, The New Moon will bring all the subconscious goop that has been smiting your ability to self actualize and together, all of this energy can culminate into you revealing yourself to the world... unapologetically. Shake your money maker baby!

The most important thing to understand about this particular New Moon is that it is once again an invitation to go into the underworld of you. You can only do that by pushing aside anything that is untruthful, unreal, or toxic. You have to not just play with your shadow or make friends with it... you have to make love to it. You have to embrace your imperfections, your darkness, your ugly - whatever that is. Because once you love even the unlovable, wounded fucked up parts of yourself, they can't control your enlightened mind. So use what the scorpion and the eagle offer, the archetypes of danger and liberty and set yourself free.

Thanks for reading, that's all for now.

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Love you!


Is a second generation traditional western astrologer specializing in Natal, synastry & Business astrology.

She is also a Tarot veteran, a practicing mystic, offering Astrology, Tarot, Holistic Healing and many other mystical modalities from her Hillsburgh, Ontario offices.

Known as The North Star Mystic, Alysa is passionate about all thing esoteric, metaphysical and spiritual. She is honest, funny as hell and always shares her guidance with heart centered

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