Alysa is very accurate intuitive reader. I had done few readings months apart and was surprised by all the information I discover. Thoughts and events puzzle start to make perfect sense. Sensitive and compassionate personality goes with it. I highly recommend to work with Alysa! I know I am coming back again! This time for past life regression. See you in summer Alysa!!

-Maya Fox

I have had a birth chart done 3 times in the past. I felt that they weren’t as detailed as it could be. I went to Alysa and was blown away. She was very detailed and was 100 % bang on with all aspects of my life. It really gave me a better and bigger understanding. It also showed on how knowledgeable she was because she was able to still to dissect things that could contradict itself.

I also did a past life regression session. I have never done anything like it before and was blown away! She was very patient and genuine. Her energy is so pure and positive. She was able to be very precise to get out the right details. This was also another tool that shed light on some struggles in my life. Her office she has was so quiet and peaceful.

SW testimonial.jpg

She is so passionate about what she does it’s truly refreshing. I had an amazing experience and I truly recommend her!​


had a Reiki session with Alysa and had a specific problem. 
Not only was it very relaxing and a huge emotional release, within 4 days my issue started improving. I now have hope again and would highly recommend seeing her. It really is a phenomenal experience.

- Ashley Eggett

Alysa Bartha has done extensive astrological work.for me and I have been delighted with her insights and direction! Especially on short notice. Alysa is professional yet personable. She takes time to make sure I understand her interpretations, I never feel rushed, and her progressions are Spot On!! Im looking forward to maybe getting a past life regression in the future. Ive known Alysa for many years, she is accurate and alot of fun to talk to. Very happy with the answers she had for mu questions. Will definitely be booking again. :)

- Raina Coonan  


Alysa gave an online course called Numerology 101 this evening. It was terrific, she was very thorough, informative and full of great information. I would recommend this course as well as giving any of her other services a try. A down to earth woman and a wonderful person.

- Wayne  


Alysa did my chart a few weeks back and all I can say is Wow!! She nailed it! It's so intuitive and thorough. I couldn't be more pleased.   I would highly recommend her services to anyone. 

- Angela    

 I had both a Natal and the Solar Return charts done by Alysa and omg was so blown away with the accuracy in my Natal chart !!!!!   Knowing who I am and then seeing it charted and understanding why, has strengthened and inspired me with more confidence in my purpose .     The Solar Return chart also bang on!!!   I can already this far into this year list examples of what is defined and has come into fruition...... wowzer!!!  I highly recommend to everyone get your charts done.   It will definitely inspire and assist you on your journey.  They are beautifully presented and easy to read.  Alysa is amazing!!!!  

- Nancy  

Alysa did both my Natal Chart and my Solar Return and WOAH!!  They are SO accurate!!  Like looking in a mirror - or reading about it, if that makes sense??  The Natal chart has really helped me to understand and accept 'why' I am the way I am (and even mentioned a few things which I 'pretend' I'm not, lol). Combine that with the solar return, and I'm actually relieved.  Its like I can finally accept that I am exactly where I'm meant to be right now, and be content with that, not needing to fight against it. The solar return also helped to confirm that things I am planning on and focusing on this year are actually the themes coming through the chart.  More confirmation success is on the way!! The Charts themselves are beautifully presented, just gorgeous .  I highly recommend having Alysa do your chart.  Not only are they extremely accurate, she's also an amazing individual, so giving, full of knowledge and so insightful       

- Carly  


Alysa is AMAZING at what she does! I booked a 30 minute tarot with her and was blown away! Between the accuracies of current circumstances and the knowing of what my gut has been telling me about the future, the reassurances were priceless! She also sidesteps the role of “psychic" in that she is genuinely warm, caring, candid, and funny too! She really took her time to “translate" the messages that came through in such a beautiful manner!! The birth chart she created for me was STUNNING as well! I can't wait to print it and put it on display!!! The experience was so wonderful I'm booking another soon!! Aaaaaaannnnd if that weren't enough, her Facebook “Lives” and other content is BEYOND GENEROUS! She gives so much of herself to her craft! A true inspiration!!!

- Regina O.  

There are many times in a person's life when the divine intervenes and connects them with the right Soul, at the myriad impasses one will no doubt encounter on this journey. The synchronicities that led me to Alyssa helped me to realize just how special this beautiful energy system is. The Universe works through her in such a unique way that I know no matter where she goes in life, her light work will help so many. My recent past life regression was just one of the magical encounters we have shared. You want to know her. Hopefully the Universe will help forge this connection between you two as it did for us. My gratitude for our bond is beyond words. Stay blessed star child!

- Greg  

Alysa is the perfect mix of caring, cheering and calling you out on your action (or lack of action). Who wouldn't want someone like that on their side? Alysa supports her clients in a way that empowers them. I highly recommend taking a workshop with Alysa, or better yet, book a coaching package. You deserve her!

- Leigh W  

I can't put into words how grateful I am and how I feel about this amazing woman! The help she has given me with some of the life-changing events in my life, one them being the death of my mom. Searching for answers to somehow find closure and be able to move on without second-guessing every decision, choice or thought I had. Alysa was able to talk me through those unbearable days when I couldn't function cause the pain was too great. Having a listening ear and invaluable advice and the tools she gave me; helped me work on myself and honestly find closure with my moms passing. I could never in words express how grateful I am to her for helping me get my life back!!!

- Starla


Choosing Alyssa to help me launch my business was the best decision I could have made. Alyssa is knowledgeable, thorough, supportive and has a great sense of humor.  I especially loved how, rather than tell me what to do, she led me to think for myself which helped make me more autonomous in managing my business. Magical. I would recommend her to anyone.

-Terri Portelli

Alysa is an amazing human being! I absolutely LOVE how candid she is, making her very relatable and putting you at ease. She is supportive and provides a safe and non judgmental space enabling you to be vulnerable. The energy about her not only motivates you but gets you excited to make the necessary changes in your life. I am forever grateful that our paths have crossed.
She is a "QUEEN".​

- Lisa C

Alysa recently guided me in a past life regression. I was skeptical of my ability to be "guided" that deeply but Alysa took me down. She took me down deeper than I've ever gone. I was able to connect to a past life in 1532. It was an incredible experience that I will never forget. Alysa makes you feel comfortable and secure in her presence. Alysa can guide me anywhere! 

 - Christine W 

This is interesting. I was working with my horses last night, fixing fence and waiting for my boyfriend to bring his mules to the pasture since trail ride is over. When I finished my part of the task in between that and waiting for him to arrive I walked the pasture in the dark. The clouds above seem luminous from the glow of the moon as they passed over with the wind. the crickets and the bull frogs were all singing as they do after the rain. That sound with the cool breeze reminded me of when I was a kid and it took me back and I was at peace. So much so that i didn't' want that moment to end. I wanted to just freeze time and stand in that moment as long as I could. It made me really think of where I am now and how can I get back to those evenings that I spent as a kid in a canvas tend with a deck floor, mosquito netting over cot beds and the smell of the night air after rain. Only now I just want a few acres a good deck and with my yoga swing and a peaceful night. She is making me clean alright...LOL :-) I love reading your posts thank you for sharing. I look forward to them because they make me realize this is me and I am connected more than I ever thought before. 💜 
- Michelle Shannon 

Alysa, is an amazing astrologer. I ordered a Natal chart and was blown away by all the information I learned about myself. Everything was broken down, so it was easy to read and understand. I also have had hypnosis for anxiety from Alysa and found it helped a lot. The recording that I got at the end of the 4 sessions I still listen to frequently. She has helped me a lot.

- Kimberlee Dawn

Alysa is wonderful! She really helped me figure out what direction to take on this next journey! AMAZING!

- Tricia Szameit

My daughter just had her first ever reiki treatment and I have never seen her so relaxed. Alysa was informative, calming and just a wonderful person all around. I highly recommend and will be a lifetime customer!!!!

- Allie Fuller

I did both Astrology Birth Chart as well as Tarot Reading. Both were very honest readings. Alysa is meticulous and you can tell she's not skipping a beat. I found she was brutally honest with the Tarot Reading and didn't get the vibe she was telling me what I want to hear. The birth chart was super cool. Very neat to see where your life path stands and where it's going. I love astrology and this took it to the next level.

I will add another review once I try hypnosis and/or past life regression.

- Alia Allaway

Thank you Alysa for my astrolog