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When Tarot Wanders Among The Stars

A Beginner's Guide to Stellar Readings

Hey there, Mystics! Ever wondered how tarot cards shake hands with the sparkling stars of astrology? Let’s set our feet on a beautiful journey to uncover the cosmic correlation between the major arcana cards in tarot and the zodiac signs of Astrology. Buckle up; it’s going to be a star-studded ride!

Tarot and Zodiac: A Match Made in the Cosmos

As you know, Tarot is more than a collection of pretty pictures, particularly the major arcana – it’s a universe of symbolism, wisdom, and, guess what, astrological references! Each major arcana card is like a unique character in an epic story, and the zodiac signs work to expand on how their tales unfold by adding deeper layers of detail, giving more dimension to each story.

Historical Star-gazing in Tarot

Let's time-travel a bit. Tarot cards, in one form or another, have been around since the 15th century. They were originally used for games before evolving into the mystical divination tool we adore today. The use of symbolism in tarot, ranging from colours to numbers and, yes, astrological symbols, became more pronounced as the cards took on a more mystical role. Each symbol, image, and colour wasn't just chosen for its aesthetic appeal (though they are quite pretty), but for the deep, interconnected meanings they represent.

Astrology Meets Arcana: Enhancing Your Reading Skills

For you, as a tarot reader, understanding the astrological underpinnings of the major arcana can be like adding some extra seasoning to your reading skills. It’s like suddenly realizing your tarot deck has been trying to talk to you in another language the whole time!

Major Arcana Card & Associated Astrological Sign/ Planet

0. The Fool - Aquarius

1. The Magician - Mercury

2. The High Priestess - The Moon

3. The Empress - Venus

4. The Emperor - Aries

5. The Hierophant - Taurus

6. The Lovers - Gemini

7. The Chariot - Cancer

8. Strength - Leo

9. The Hermit - Virgo

10. Wheel of Fortune - Jupiter

11. Justice - Libra

12. The Hanged Man - Neptune

13. Death - Scorpio

14. Temperance - Sagittarius

15. The Devil - Capricorn

16. The Tower - Mars

17. The Star - Aquarius

18. The Moon - Pisces

19. The Sun - Sun

20. Judgement - Pluto

21. The World - Saturn

How This Cosmic Knowledge Elevates Your Readings

By understanding the astrological essence of each card, you can add another layer of interpretation to

Your readings. For example, pulling The Emperor isn’t just about authority and structure; it’s imbued with the pioneering spirit of Aries. Suddenly, your readings are not just card interpretations but a rich tapestry of cosmic insights!

Remember, tarot and astrology are like two peas in a mystical pod. They complement each other, offering depth and context to your readings. So next time you lay down those cards under the night sky, remember you’re not just a tarot reader but a cosmic explorer navigating the vast universe of symbols and stars.


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