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Seven things your birth chart will tell you

Why would you get your birth chart done by an astrologer when you can just read your horoscope for free?

I LOVE this question!

You know how sometimes you think to yourself what the hell is going on, why do I feel so weird today? You take stock of all the possibilities… you ate breakfast, you took your multivitamin… hell, you even had a healthy dinner last night. Nonetheless, everything is all out of sorts.

So then you pop online or flip to the horoscope page in your favourite newspaper or magazine so that you can possibly bring some sense to an otherwise whacked out situation.

Only when you start reading your horoscope, you read something that was clearly written for someone else and not you.

Because obviously that so-called horoscope was written by someone who had another person in mind. It’s not a great day for love, no you didn’t get a raise and dammit you still just feel weird.

And then… there are those times when you read the horoscope and you nearly stop breathing for a second because it's so dead-on it’s freaky.

The problem is you just never really know if it’s going to be right… wrong or somewhere in between.

The fact is, pretty much all horoscopes you read, no matter how good the astrologer is that wrote it, it is written for one-twelfth of the population. These back of the magazine horoscopes are calculated for a whole entire sun sign rather than for you as an individual with your specific and unique birth data.

Taaah Daaahhh now you know the reason!!!

Your birth chart is as unique as you are. Even if a person is born on the same day at the same hour, if they are born even 20 miles away this will place differences in the chart of them and you.

So what is the point? What can you get from your birth (natal chart) that is going to be any more helpful than reading your daily, weekly or monthly horoscope?

Glad you asked.

In the simplest terms, you were born with a purpose, drives, fears, parental relationships, siblings, children, psychological patterns, your soul's karmic path and more and it can all be visualized in your natal chart.

Your natal chart works kind of like a map and a personal profile all at the same time. Different symbols are used to indicate where and what kinds of influences you have working in your present and toward your future. Basically, astrology is the study of the soul and its evolution using the language of the stars.

1. Your birth chart will definitively show your unique strengths and weaknesses... and then how to leverage or heal them!

Essentially, a comprehensive analysis of your natal chart will help you understand your innate talents, but also where you have to work a little harder to get the results you want. It’s like having a cheat sheet for your own life! Every person has strengths... but sometimes you might not be aware of them or better yet, where to apply them to the greatest effect. Like, you might know you are a great writer... but maybe you don't know that your writing talents might bring you a lot of fame or fortune if you start to write about cooking. As far as weaknesses are concerned, you have them, you are probably aware of may of them, but wouldn't it be nice if you knew how to transform them? Like if you know your not a strong baseball player, wouldn't it be great to know you can turn that weakness into a strength by coaching instead of playing?

2. Your Natal Chart is a POWERFUL tool for finding the best career choice.

I think for many of us there is a point in time (or in my case several) where you wonder if you are on the right career path. For me, without a doubt, my natal chart was the difference between doing what I love and settling for what I thought I HAD to do. True story - when I saw that my natal chart described my ideal job with all the things I loved doing most in detail... I nearly spit out my tea! My Birth chart literally spelled it all out for me! I wasn’t meant to sit at a desk or ring-up groceries, I was meant to read the stars and help others find their purpose! Needless to say ever since that moment, I put all of my energy into North Star Mystic and haven’t looked back. I’m now my own boss… FULL TIME! WOOOO!

3. Your birth chart will show you that you are more than just a one trick pony!

You probably have already figured out that you have more than one side. You act one way in public and maybe another way when you are comfortable at home. Your natal chart explains this as easily as water rolling off a duck. You know how you hear things like Scorpios and Leo’s just don’t get along only to discover that you are a Leo and your life long best friend is a Scorpio? Then you wonder… who the hell came up with that rule? To put it simply, it’s because you are waaaaay more than just your sun sign! You have several facets to your personality and your natal chart shows you just how that plays out. Your big 3… Your rising sign, your sun sign and your moon sign all describe different elements of your personality… and you need to know!

4. Your birth chart explains how planetary placements, alignments and positions affect YOUR ENERGY and personality.

Ok, so you have no doubt heard about Mercury retrograde, or even the moon being full in some sign or other. Have you ever wondered just how much these things really affect you? This is where your Natal chart really shines. When you see your birth chart and discover what influences the planets in our solar system have given you, you will start to truly understand your own nature. Just like the moon affects our tides, animals, weather and even people, each of the planets gives their own special influence that affects you on a deeply personal level. Want to know what pisses you off or inspires action - look at your Mars placement. Wonder how other people perceive or see you? Look at your Ascending sign. Want to figure out what your supposed to be learning in this life? Look at your Lunar Nodes! It's all there and more!

5.Your birth chart reveals what karmic lessons you need to learn in this life.

There are just somethings that need more explanation then that's just the way the cookie crumbles… or that was the hand you were dealt, so grin and bear it. You came into this life with lessons you are meant to learn and you are presented with experiences that will help you to learn them. However, even if you know that sometimes you can still feel very confused as to what the lessons are for. Why certain things have happened in your life or even why particular patterns seem to show up over and over again. Your birth chart very clearly shows you what those lessons are and also what you can do to make them easier.

6. Without a doubt, Astrology is the most complete way to reveal who you truly are, who you're intended to become… and how to do it!

This is where you see just how powerful Astrology really is. So far in my career, I have worked with people from every walk of life. I have been fortunate enough to work with people who make millions of dollars every year, getting to look at their natal charts and what is in them that makes them different. I have worked with people who have seemingly ordinary lives on the outside only to discover that the have some very unusual talents. Of all the people I have worked with the ones that make my heart beat a little faster are the charts that I get to read for people who have an AH-HA! Moment.

It’s so exciting to sit with a client who is feeling confused or a little afraid to embrace who they truly are and go for what they want in life. Your Natal chart can offer you not just affirmation, but in many ways PERMISSION to pursue your true self and the dreams that go with it. This is why I do what I do… nothing gives me more joy than empowering a person to be who they are intended to be!

7. Your birth chart can improve your relationships

Imagine if you knew what makes your spouse, child, parent, pet, boss or friend tick? How good would it be to finally understand why they are the way they are?!

A natal chart is an unparalleled tool for getting a clearer understanding of yourself and the people & even pets you love most. I personally have used my whole family birth charts to make our home life soooo much more manageable. I understand why my brilliant 17-year-old daughter is so very timid even though she is incredibly artistically talented (she has a rare Pisces rising) I discovered that my son is very sensitive and is happiest at home with his family (Cancer Ascendant) … which help me to stop worrying about him socially. There are more ways and reasons than I can easily give you to see just how much astrology can improve your relationships, parenting and even social life.

At the risk of going overboard, I would venture to say that the ways you can benefit from having a personal birth chart are nearly limitless. It was Johannes Kepler who said, “The soul of the newly born baby is marked for life by the pattern of the stars at the moment it comes into the world, unconsciously remembers it, and remains sensitive to the return of configurations of a similar kind.” and I think that sums up all the reasons you need to take advantage of your own personal users manual.

If you are ready to uncover your purpose and live it more consciously click here to book a natal chart reading.

Option 1: The chart only option in this you receive ... a fully interpreted report, this includes your birth chart and a delineation of all your planetary placements, house cusps and lunar nodes, aspects, Chiron & Dark Moon Lilith delivered to you in a beautifully designed PDF which I write.

☆☆☆ $79 CAD ☆☆☆

Option 2: A 120 min one-to-one reading in person, over the phone or by video. You get all the above plus a 2 hr reading with me 😊 where I go over everything in your birth chart point for point and you can ask questions while getting really in-depth insights. This is a perfect reading for those Mystics who really want to get down to the nitty-gritty.

☆☆☆ $$155 CAD ☆☆☆

All I need is to create your chart is the date, time and location of your birth. From that information, I will create your natal chart and provide everything you need to fully understand what the stars say about you.

Thank you for reading!

Love ♡♡♡ Alysa Bartha

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