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Warning - rant ahead!

Change!… big changes ahead, new beginnings, growth!

I don’t know about you but that seems to be the statement that comes with every new moon, quarter moon, full moon or angel number. There always seems to be a Tarot card, angel card or oracle card reading that promises a change… or a new astrological ingress (when a planet goes into a new sign) or aspect that also promises a monumental life altering event. Every time you turn around there is a promise of an energetic ascension, a dimensional shift or some kind of something that is going to take you out of where you are and transport you to where you wish to be… or at least get the ball rolling…. Or something, anything.

So are you ready for my rant?

I admit it! I’m annoyed by the thought that people are being let down or hurt by the promise of a positive change that never shows up. I feel bad that sometimes a person can be in a really bad spot in their lives and they read a post, or watch a vlog or live stream and be utterly deflated when the change they were promised doesn’t arrive in the aftermath of the new moon, full moon, pink sturgeon super moon or whatever they were promised.

It drives me bonkers.

The reason for these annoyed feelings my Mystic friend is because -


Everything is always in motion.

Everything is consistently and constantly in a perpetual state of flux and flow.

This is not only a law of the physical world but a law of the universe.

But here is the kicker… apart from those rarified AH- Ha! moments and the sometimes abrupt events that are joyful like birth or traumatic like death - all change is incremental. If you truly look at it there isn’t much that happens without a gradual evolution. Most change happens in a gradient, shifting slowly and nearly imperceptibly, from one form and into another and we barely even notice. Where we start out is never where we end up and most of the time that evolution happens with teensy little shifts.

A classic symbol of transformation is the butterfly, it teaches us that change comes for all of us and is

inevitable. The butterfly shows us that the alteration of our singular reality is gonna happen and that ultimately it is for our highest good.

However, the butterfly isn’t scrolling through social media reading a post or a meme that is promising a shift in it’s life that will improve it’s circumstance. It doesn’t have any bills to pay, a lover that it pines for, a sick or dying loved one. The butterfly isn’t longing for a humanity that is kinder, gentler and more compassionate. That little bug doesn’t ache for it’s fellow butterflies to see it and accept it as an indispensable part of a greater community.

Nope, none of that. That little critter just goes along as it is designed to. It changes, metamorphosizes, and transforms within the flow of nature and creation.

God, we can learn an awful lot from a bug.

But here is the point of this little rant - I want to share with you an idea, one I have been cooking in my little head for awhile. When you think of change, be it in your circumstances or in your thoughts or feelings, what is the thing that lets you know that things are different?

How does one know when a change has been achieved? How does one say - “Yep, shit’s different.” and know that they are the author of their new paradigm? The simple answer is by retrospective comparison. Looking at what was in the past and comparing it to what is in the present.

But Alysa, what is the problem with using tools like astrology, the moon, or cards, or runes or any other method to anticipate when a change will happen and what it might entail… and posting it on social media?

Not a damn thing!

I just want folks to understand that they can catalyze or initiate change in their lives without needing to wait for a specific or esoteric thing to happen. A card pull, a transit, a meditation, a vision board, a lunation or any other means of attempting to capture the right energy to architect a change, is only a portion of the work that one must do. Even with the comprehension that we can use energy to enhance and influence the changes we want to make, it is important to understand that everything around us is specifically and purposefully calibrated to facilitate evolution. That is to say that there is nothing on this earth, in the solar system or within the living, vibrating, oscillating universe that doesn’t foster change.

I wanted to talk about this because I’ve had a fairly significant number of people come to me saying something like they saw that we are shifting into 5d or that we are supposed to be ascending now that we are shifting into the age of Aquarius. Or that they are a light working, starseed, earth angel and that it is their job to activate the planet’s light grid and elevate humanity.

Yet so many of these love filled beings feel frustrated and to some degree, feeling as though they are failing. So many people feel like they are doing something wrong, or worse, they are losing faith because they’ve done everything they thought they were supposed to do, yet the change that they wanted didn’t happen. No manifestation, transformation, ascension or elevation. The money didn’t show up, the loved one didn’t heal, the relationship is still fucked up. No dimensional shift or epic show of humanity’s much needed elevation in consciousness.

All sounds pretty damn dark doesn’t it. That’s because it is.

It is dark when time and time again you wish for something and it doesn’t show up. It’s only compounded by the fact that every single day you see or hear a special message that is supposed to empower or uplift you, yet you are still in the same shit you were the day before you saw the post.

What I’m saying is that the environmental energy (things like lunar phases) are only one part of the formula. It’s true that environmental energy is a powerful catalyst for change, but ultimately it is important to understand that whatever is going to happen in life is always first initiated by your intention.

In other words, if you want to change yourself, your circumstance or even the world it all begins with your desires. I fully believe that the universe conspires to help you fulfill every wish, want and as it aligns with your purpose in this lifetime, whether it is spoken or not. Equally we each come into this life with a purpose and a direction we are guided and encouraged to follow. Yet, the key factor in all of this is that each of us as sentient beings, are sovereign and are at liberty to choose how we proceed.

Sometimes you can go against the grain of your purpose and sometimes you can go with it. The only way to truly know though is to feel your way. And, just because something isn’t showing up… or going away right when we need it to, doesn’t always mean something is wrong or that you aren’t doing the right thing. What is does mean is that perhaps you are experiencing things in the way that you are because it is to help you get into alignment with your purpose. Sometimes we experience delays, blockages or resistance because those things are acting like banks of a river… those things are there to help you get into the flow of what you showed up in this life to accomplish.

So what’s the big take home Alysa? What are you trying to tell me?

Well my dear Mystic, I’m telling you that if you read a post saying that you are changing, leveling up, good vibes are coming your way…. Go ahead and accept that. But if the change you are looking for hasn’t happened just yet and there is still pain or difficulty in your life… it doesn’t mean that you are failing or that your blessings are being withheld because you didn’t catch the latest full moon. Remember that all the energetic shifts in the universe are continuously working in concert to help you and that you are always surrounded by love. Your potential as well as your ability to accomplish, achieve or ARRIVE is not dictated by the stars or the moon, it is simply your personal POWERFUL will that determines the when transformation begins.

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