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Moon in Gemini

Hey Mighty Morphin' Mood Changers,

The Moon enters the sign of the Twins today reminding us that everything has a dose of duality in our human experience.

From July 9th until July 11th duality will be thematic fir all of us. We observe this in every aspect of life, obvious examples are night  versus day, shadow versus light, apples versus bananas and the Empire Vs. The Rebel Alliance. It's all around us, it's in everything we do and when the Moon and Gemini mingle their energies we will feel that very duality in a very emotional way.  

You see, the Moon is all about the shifting landscape of our feelings. One minute you feel like a million bucks... the next like you gambled it away in done dank alleyway. Our emotions aren't based in logic or sensible-ness (yes that is a word cause I just made it up!😜) this is why we often become puzzled when our feelings don't match our circumstances. 

Enter Gemini.

Gemini is a very intellectual sign and it likes to try and make sense of things as quickly as possible. It does this by helping you to see both sides of a situation. The positive in this is that you can relate and understand the motivations of others. The downside is sometimes you can become indecisicive ... because you can see both sides.

This is the curse/gift of the ability to see from multiple perspectives. 

So my dear over the next few days if you can't make up your mind... don't try. Let things unfold and your logical mind and emotional mind will sort things out together... because Gemini love balance in its solutions too.

Mercury Square Jupiter on the 9th - inspires hopes for a brighter future. While you have a boost of postive feelings its a great time to plot a vourse for the days ahead. Plan an experience that will broaden your horizon... talk abkut things that make you feel empowered. Difficulties and challenging events may occur but since Jupiter is a positive planet any drama will be somewhat lessened. This planet also helps you to feel like you have a more broad outlook on like in general... but dealing don't forget the devil is in the details! You may be so inspired to get on with flying into your future that you could lose focus and have a hard time concentrating on the little nattering bits of crap that need attention. This could cause some mistakes or miscalculations. 

On the 10th Venus Trine Uranus - ignites a desire to try something new and perhaps unconventional. You could feel invited out of your comfy comfort zone and urged to shake things up in your life life, or even take on a new hobby. Dont be surlrised if you feel extra affectionate. If you are already lart of a pair you could see your live in a new light. If you are single its a good time to go out becsuse a new love intrest is more possible under this transit.

I like to call this the racoon transit because anything whiney and new will grab your attention and you could accidently NEED to have it. Hide your credit card. Also worth mentioning, if you feel like socializing this is a perfect day gr8

Or it. There will be an unusual electric vibe in the air that seems to attract the most unconventional and interesting folks together. Innovation and like minded individuals are drawn together for enjoying entertaning pursuits. 

Sun opposition Pluto on the 11th - might be an emotionally bumpy ride. Today ylu could be feeling a bit lost and confused. You may even be temlted to act in ways that you know are self distructive. If you are in recovery this might be a good day to stay far away from place and people that might draw you into a dark place. Relationships might also suffer some painful situations. There could be a sense that one partner is trying to dominate the other through manipulation, envy,or even snooping. If any of that crap bubbles up do your best to not fight fire with napalm. Step away from the situation before something regrettable happens.

I'd also like to offer you a friendly heads up. This transit can sometimes create the perfect confluence of events for disaster on a personal and even a communal level. Things to stink up your day like theft, broken down cars or appliance could make for a craptastic day. Sometime things can even get as bad as natural disasters... but let's hope not. 

PRO TIP: if she!t goes sideways remember cooler heads always prevail. Now I'm not telling you that because it's easier... I'm telling you that because keeping your temper in check and your mind flexible and your attitude open - then you will be able to adjust your angle of approach like a fighter pilot long before you crash.

Just sayin'

That's it for now my dear Moonling.



P.S. If you need me you can find me here

Oh and by the way if you would like to know what the year ahead holds for you... click here for a Solar Return chart.

P.S. Oh and btw... chart prices will be going up in September, so get one before the price goes up! 

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