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Moon in Aries

Leading the charge into the zodiac, iron will Aries and The Moon charge forward with an eager appetite for construction.

I love the adventurous energy of the ram.

The fearless pioneer is never afraid to cut a new path and then enthusiastically rush down it even if the spontaneity prevents Aries from seeing the cliff ahead. But what the hell, even falling off a cliff is a new thing; and let's be honest Aries loves new things. When the Moon combines her energy with that of Aries he becomes more responsive to his intrinsic intuitive faculties. Feelings become more important, and the fluctuations of your Moods are paired with survival instincts, tempering your tendency to look before you leap. There is something deeply primal about an Aries Moon and it seems to inspire you to take action based on the urges of your heart.

And because I love you, here are some of the transits for the next few days.

July 5th Sun Trine Neptune - gives you a greater sensitivity to the environment and your level of empathy for others will be stronger than usual under this transit. You could feel called to help the down trodden or any people that seem to be struggling. You also could have a compelling urge to join an organization or lend your support to groups and communities that fight for those who can't fight for themselves.

This transit give you a window in which you can see and understand your place in the world. Interestingly you may come to see that the attainment and completion of your own goals is the key to helping those that you wish to benefit. In order for you to be more balanced love, take this time to really refine your spirituality. If you do this, plotting your course to success will be assisted by a strong self belief in yourself and even clearer intuitive impressions, which should prove to be more accurate now.

Align yourself with artistic and creative persuits becuase your talents are even more pronounced.

Speaking of artsy fartsy stuff, on July the 6th Moon Trine Jupiter - Everything creative and artistic like music, theater and film are ideal while this transit shines down on you. Darling, a blast of inspiration could provide you with a breakthrough idea on a project that has been causing you frustration. Also worth mentioning is that Neptune rules film and cameras so break out your webcam and vlog about your dreams and visions for what you want to manifest in the future.

Additionally Your psychic faculties might be stronger than usual under this transiting influence. Its an ideal time to pay extra attention to any psychic impressions, write them down in your journal and watch for synchronicities. Oh and this transit is a good time to schedule a Tarot or psychic reading.

Lastly on July 7th we get to enjoy Mercury Sextile Venus - yaaaaay for a fun-loving and friendly planetary transit that loves to make relaxing and unwinding easy. Being with your friends will likely be more sweet because stress will be less and there will be more harmonious vibes for you to lavish on your closest relationships. The nicest thing about this transit is you will seem to have a stronger ability to express your love and affection through speaking the contents of your heart.

Be careful though, because you will have a surplus of charm and wit making social skills effortless you could find yourself getting loads of affectionate attention. It's a great time to ask for favors or even advance your agendas. Solving problems or soothing sore feeling from current or past arguments will also be a lot easier than usual. Remember what I told you about all that extra charm and wit? Use it to your advantage to make nice, make up and make toward the happy future you have been dreaming about. Go for it love... you got this!.

That's all for now. Thank you for taking time out to read. If this has helped you pass it on... you never know you could save a life... or at least someone from some boredom.

Until next time my dear Moonling.



Oh... and if you would like to have your personal astrology done..

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