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Moon in Capricorn

Hey Boss,

Moon is in Capricorn now and its time to get down to business. Capricorn loves nothing more than organizing ambitious plans that are earthy and practical.

From May 31st to June 2nd your thoughts are directed toward the trajectory of your career. You're looking at all you have accomplished thus far and thinking about where it is you really want to be in the future. It's all about being pragmatic and realistic. Your goals are at the top of your priority list and you are prepared to trim the fat and get rid of whatever might be weighing you down. Everything you're doing right now is about what makes the most sense. You aren't likely to be feeling super emotional right now because you are focused like a lazer on everything you have to do to get where you want to go.

Though this is an Earthy moon, Capricorn energy can be a tad bit austere. In other words even if the glass is half full...

Capricorn will see it as half full of piss. Yeah, kinda cynical.

At best this energy will be very business oriented and serious. At worst the Capricorn energy can turn very sullen and depressing. My advice is if you are feeling kinda blahh or bummed find something to do that will advance you in your career or education. This will satisfy the Capricorn moon.

On May 31st we have Moon Conjunct Saturn this brings yet another layer of seriousness to the day. You may feel like being on your own to assess what the next move you want to make is. Because of your possible desire for isolation you might find that people around you are taking it the wrong way. They may become a bit negative and you might find some interactions with others on the challenging side.

You know what I'm gonna say right?.... Breathe Deep Darlin, Breathe Deep!

I know this is gonna be a pain in the ass and most of the trouble that may pop up will feel way worse than it actually is, so try to not take other peoples reactions too personally. Also you may experience some delays. Saturn is the lord of time and time moves for no one. Any hindrances and restrictions will be expereinced mostly at home and family life will be a little tricky to navigate. But you got this! I know you do :)

Just do your best to be compassionate to all those around you. Especially the women in your life. Remember whenever we see the moon involved in a transit you know there will be some feminine energy at play. So, if you are dealing with a woman who is feeling vulnerable or sad or even depressed, take some extra time with her, hold some space and help her process through the hard stuff. She will reward you.

Next, on June 1st Venus Trine Jupiter thankfully we are in for a healthy dose of love, optimism and joyfulness. This my dear is one of the best transits for those who are looking for love. Jupiter is the cosmic Santa clause that loves to give gifts to all the boys and girls. In this case when Venus trine Jupiter you will be lavished with more attractiveness... think Funky Cold Medina level. People of the opposite sex will feel more at ease with you and will want to be next to your gorgeous self.

You will be more eloquent and interesting because you will be so very relaxed. This is a great time for you to socialize because the energy in the air will allow for stress to be released and relieved. Everything will just be more fun, more relaxed and just nice. Food will taste better, music will be even more melodic. Soak it in Moonling. Let this transit be the open door opportunity to have fun, seek and accept pleasurable experiences. After all you deserve a break from all the seriousness of the previous days.

Oh and guess what else I have for you...Moon Square Uranus on the 2nd and this transit can make us all a little trigger happy. It will be a shoot first ask questions later kind of energy. You might notice that people will have rapid mood swings , both high and low. You yourself might be a bit testy and anything that requires focus and or commitment isn't going to hold your interest. You're just gonna be a bit twitchy. Kinda like a squirrel trying to decide whether or not to cross the road. You're likely not going to want anyone telling you what to do either. This energy is going to make you feel like ignoring good sense. You're like a rebel without a cause. Just wanting to shake things up just for the sake of it. What you want is stimulation you want to make the world around you different because you're tired of the same old same old. All of the routines in your life are going to feel a little like that pair of pants you've been saving since high school; too damn tight,

Which only serves to make you feel even more confined. You want to break out and just change something... anything. However this is not the time to go shaving your head or getting a tattoo on your bum.

Ok maybe just a little one.

At any rate, I get that you might be feeling like life is a hamster wheel for you right now. However, I will offer a suggestion to help you manage this manic energy. Take some time and go do something very physical, something that will help burn off that excess of energy. Then try looking for something that you can improve. Take all of that Uranian non-conformist thinking and motivate it toward improving something that will make life better for as many people as you can. After all Uranus is interested in humanitarian efforts. Best part... if you do this you are very likely to stay out of jail for malicious mischief. Noe be a good Moonling and don't punch anybody.

Thanks all for now my dear. Thank you for taking time out to read this.. I hope you find it helpful.

Until next time, you know where to find me.

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