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Visiting the secret places with Moon in Scorpio

Hey Deep Thinker,

You may have noticed your feelings have been shifting all around, rippling and changing. You might have been feeling like you are being dragged away out to sea by an undertow. As though a force of nature is overtaking you. From 5/26 - 5/28 the Moon and Scorpio are traveling companions, and this is just perfect for these feelings.

While the Moon is in Scorpio my love, I suggest you let yourself be swept out into your own depths. The magic of Scorpio Moon lies in the fact that it does indeed operate like a force of nature. An intense, penetrating energy, Scorpio deals in regeneration. It will coerce you into deep internal discussions and even more profound thoughts concerning your own sense of self. You may be scared to look into the mirror, afraid of whatever unfinished business might be waiting to stare back at you. 

My love, sex, death and rebirth are the themes Scorpio moon will shine it's light on. You will be asked to examine what truly holds power over your heart and mind. 

Things that you thought were safely left to the past are going to go from low rumble in the background of your life, and bubble right to the surface. Yeah, I know super yuck. But, if it is any consultation, think of it as an opportunity to finally flush out whatever you have held onto... or what ever has held onto you. 

I mean let's be honest, we all have things we'd rather not face if we don't have to... Things we have thought we've jiggled the handle on enough times to send down the proverbial pipe. Unfortunately, like the rest of this bad metaphor,  sometimes you gotta keep flushing the shit till you know its gone for good.

So my sweet Moonling, take the invitation of the Scorpio Moon and let the cycle of death and rebirth do its thing. Let the fear die, let the doubt decompose and fertilize the secret garden of your future. Watch as the corpse of who you used to be transforms and blooms with new life.

That is if you want to...

Oh and if you werent feeling confused enough, On May 26th we have Moon Opposition Neptune which serves up an extra helping of emotional sensitivity. You know, the kind of next level sensitivity that makes it super easy to misunderstand people and for them to misunderstand you. Things said may be taken out of context leaving you feeling like you don't know what to think. My advice - be very mindful of what you say and who you say it to. Even your tone of voice, body language and intentions should be handled like jello on a spoon.... carefully. Right now you may already be feeling like you cant win no matter what you do. You might be feeling like you're in the wrong place in your life and doing the wrong thing.  However... I'm hear to tell you...KNOCK THAT SHIT OFF! 

Don't get the wrong impression I'm not ignoring your feelings. I'm really not. What I am saying is don't let the nasty little emotional goblins in your head set up camp and breed. Don't look at other people only to over idealized them while you look at your own flaws, inflating them to circus tent proportions. All that negative self talk is just that last wall that you have to break through to take you to the next level of who you are meant to be. 

That fearful voice is lying to you. It is the kind of thinking that would leave you vulnerable to deceit and heart ache if you don't stop it at the door. Love, now is one of those rare occasions where you can take a moment and have a much deserved cry to clean out your emotional closet and make space for better things. After all rain always washes away the mud.

On May 27th Moon Trines Venus...  Thank God! After all this other crap it will be nice to have your creative juices flowing. It is an ideal time to let your inspired potential off the leash now. Why not find a way to create some beauty in your world. Surround yourself with all manner of sensual delights and experiences. This sweet transit is so, so good for mending all the boo- boos of the last little while. It's been tough, you deserve a break kid. 

If you have been thinking about making changes to your look... now's the time. Moon Trine Venus is perfect for making yourself look and feel good.  I have to tell you, this is an excellent day to relax, release and have some fun. Normally I would say stay the course, keep your mind focused on your goals. But really, this is the one time when you should be a little self-indulgent without guilt. Have that damn cookie, buy that book or bauble you've had your eye on. Hell, order something off Amazon. (Oh ... thats just me.) 

Just remember, on the next day it's business as usual. I don't want you going too far into Lah Lah land. 

Finally on May 28th Mercury Enters Gemini When will be especially nice for those of you who have a lot to say. When Mercury is in Gemini, the energy will make you especially communicative, curious, and super social. 

Mercury rules Gemini and is totally at home. This is a great time to get familiarized with some topics you have always been curious about. However, considering Mercuries speedy nature and Gemini's Airy disposition, dont worry about getting really in depth.

For those of you who love to give a good verbal beat down in a debate, this is your transit. Your communication skills will be extra sharp while Mercury is in Gemini. Now my favorite gift of this transit is the attraction you may share with me for puns. Oh how I love a pun... they make me feel so happy. Because I have the sense of humor of a 15 year old boy.  

Oh and one last thing about Mercury in Gemini ; you might notice a lot more squirrels, shiny things, passing cars, cloud formations, Youtube videos (especially ones with cats) and alot of generally useless things coming and going from your mind... all because we will tend to get distracted easily... oh look gum!

That's all for now my dear Moonling.

Thank for for spending some time with me. If you need me you know where to find me.


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