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Moon in Virgo

The Moon is in Virgo from April 24th to the 26th and it is going to help you decide what you want in your life by helping you to focus, find clarity and critically anazlying your own motives. 

The past is behind you and the future is ahead - either way you must exist in the now. So the service oriented Virgoan energy wants to support you by showing you that you can go at your own pace. No one can force you to go any faster than you want to, so don't worry about what others say. Be selective about who you listen to. This shouldn't be too much of a problem because Virgo likes to be independent and will share some of that energy with you if you let her.

While the Moon and Virgo travel together there will be more than one opportunity for more enlightening experiences, more love and more spiritual growth. As you look for ways to expand on your highest joy Virgo will help you achieve your desires through pointing out the details that you might be tempted to ignore. Dont take it personal... its all about making you a better you. Also don't  be afraid of being flexible, it will only benefit you to not be rigid in your thoughts, actions or speach

Starting us out on the 24th we have Moon Trine Sun which is just about the most ideal Transit for the Moon you could have asked for because it makes you feel completely content and at ease on all levels - physically,spiritually, mentally and even emotionally. Its like everything juat sort of clicks. This is just what you need to get you through the next few days. If you can, hold onto that feeling my love.

Another added benefit to this aspect can be felt in your work life. When you are on the job ; be it a project at home or a project at work, your ability to focus will be easier to harness and you will be able to leverage that energy and channel it into your career which will yield excellent results down the road. 


Sweetly, Your sense of inner peace will transcend any past or present drama. Therefore most of your core relationships will feel cherished and you will enjoy being surrounded by your tribe. Also, because you are feeling so connected in with yourself and are so grounded, don't be surprised if your calming influence attracts other people to you like bees to honey.

On Wednesday the 25th Mercury Squares Jupiter which fosters a feeling of optimism for your future; that makes this the perfect time to start plotting and planning the expansion of your empire. Over the next couple of days the influence of Jupiter- the fortunate planet, any difficulties or bumps in the road won't feel as harsh as they might under other circumstance. 

Additionally if you feel like your mind is opening and you are able to accept new ideas this is great however my love you should watch that you don't scatter your energies in too many directions..

ooOOOooo look a squirrel!!!

I love squirrels they are sooOOooo fuzzy and ... ooopose I did it again didn't I...

Anyhoo... just try and stay on track, you know don't get distracted and things will be just fine. On that note, keep in mind that Mercury rules thinking, and also how you communicate and Jupiter is all about optimism and growth. So if you're not careful this aspect could have your mouth writing checks that nobody can cash. In any case, even if you are well meaning, try to be mindful of what you say and how you are saying it so you don't cause yourself any undue pain later on. 

Lastly Moon Trine Venus on the 26th brings soft love, warm kindness and endearing friendship. I would recommend that you channel all these lovey dovey vides towards those whobwill appricate your efforts most. 

Yes, this includes your cat.. or dog... or goldfish or whatever 😊

Now here is another little tid bit for you, because you are feeling abundantly affectionate this is when you may experiece your popularity soar, which is awsome! This is also a really good time to ask people for favors or even advance your position at work because people just want to say yes... just remember to be responsible. With great power comes great responsibility. 

Your intimate relationship will also benefit from this aspect. Everything will feel GOOOOOOD. Take this opportunity to lavish eachother with physical expressions of love. Wrap each other in the kind of love that could result in adding a plate to the dinner table... wink - wink. By the way if your desire is to start or expand your family this is a favorable aspect. 

Speaking of family, this aspect also invites you to spend time with your family. Love them, protect them, show them that home is a safe harbour. Female family members should enjoy a little extra attention as both the Moon and venus are feminine in nature.

Well my dear Moonling, that's all for now. I hope this helps you and that the next few days are all warm and fuzzy.

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Until next time my dear,



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