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New Moon in Aries The Manifester's Transit

Hey Masterbuilder,

The Moon travels into Aries today which is the first sign of the zodiac. The Ram and the Moon share space from Friday the 13th to Monday the 16th of April. 

My love, NOW is the time to let go of your fears... take the goat by the horns and get sh!t done. The Moon wants you to tap into your instincts and stop over thinking and Aries wants you to initiate and get things going. These two energies are invigorating after such a looong, long time spent feeling like you are going nowhere fast. 

On the 13th there is a balancing effect of the Moon Semisextile Sun. This aspect brings a sense of  harmony between your innermost and outer selves. How you see yourself and how you feel will become more aligned; helping you to feel more comfortable in your own skin. Dearest, this influence will assisst you in feeing more in tune with the vision you hold for your future. Making you remember that you are capable and deserving of the rewards your vision will bring you. The personally magnetizing influence of the Moon combined with the Sun, urge you to reveal your true self, I think you will find that that being who you are and feeling good about it is the gift offered you... so take it and grow. 

On the 14th the Moon conjunct Mercury unites your intellect and your emotions so that it is very easy for you to become emotionally bonded to people and even places, helping you to create fond memories.

 When Moon conjuncts Mercury you may find that you will have an opportunity to make new friends or perhaps invite old ones back in your life. People who you can nurture a truly close and genuine bond with. It will become increasingly easy for you to speak the truth of your heart. Just remember to be mindful and speak with compassion as you are planting a seed to harvest one day with every word you say.

Also on the 15th, you and I will share a new moon. In astronomy, the new moon is the first lunar phase, when the Moon and Sun have the same ecliptic longitude. At this phase, the lunar disk is darkened and not visible to the naked eye, except when silhouetted during a solar eclipse. What is interesting my love, is that the new Moon is happening in the sign of Aries which makes it extra fun. Why you ask? Because the New Moon offers us a window of opportunity to lay the foundations of a new project or endeavor. Aries loves to pioneer, and channel its thrusting energy into the world. So, If you combine those two enterprising energies, your ambitions will be super charged with just the right formula to make major changes better than possible.

One more thing befire you go - Mercury stations direct on the 15th as well. Yaaay for our planetary ruler of communication getting its sh!t together and acting like a grown up again.  I don't know about you but I think this has been one of the worst Mercury retrogrades in a looooong time. You know with all the electronic havoc and what not.

Thankfully, you should see a semblance of normal return to your world in the next couple of days.

You should be able to talk to people and not sound like you hit your head. Your electronics will do what you bought them to do... you know simple tasks like making a phone call or reading my blog. (yeah that was shameless wasn't it :) ) Best of all you should be able to make deals and sign contracts with out worrying that you accidentally owe Satan your soul because you misunderstood the fine print.  Yes my love, breathe a sigh of relife we are going to be just fine. 

Pro tip: Over all this is a good time to get in touch with your innermost desires. Be honest with yourself and accept that you are a powerfully creative being. You can author great victories as easily as staggering defeats by your will. Take stock of all of your strengths, weaknesses and everything in between and when you have a full inventory of who you are now, use this energy to create who you will be tomorrow. Plan, and then act darling... NOW is the time you've been waiting for.

That's all for now my sweet Moonling. 

Remember, if you need to find me I'm always here. 

If you wuld like to know more about your personal Astrology click here and I will happily sort out your birth chart. 

Love ya kid!



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