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Recharge with the Leo Moon

Hey Silly Heart, The moon is breaking out of the doldrums and into the sign of Leo. It's time to shake it up and let your inner ninja turtle out. Yeah, you heard me... it's time for the fun police to go on a doughnut break and let the rest of us have some fun! Breaking away from all the seriousness of the last few days the moon plays with Leo From

March 26th to the 28th 2018

Like the Sun which is Leo's ruler, let your gifts shine forward and out into the world. Over the next few days follow your desire is to inject more Joi De Vivre in your life. Seek creativity, seek playful ways to express your individuality. As we inch closer to warmer weather and longer days, every moment you seek the attention of the sun is a moment that infuses you with vitality, strength and pleasure. You will likely need to feel the affection of those that love you. You may want them to do more than say it... they need to show you. In fact for those of you in a relationship, your desire to be romantic may just lead you into some ... kissy face. Leo is a proud sign and does not easily suffer fools. If you want to know The Lion look at the brightest star in our solar system. Fiery and mighty, sustaining and scorching. Like all the other signs in the zodiac even Leo has a dual nature. Sometimes the Lion will show you its teeth and claws, roaring so loudly your hair blows back. Other times The Lion becomes more of a kitten, playful, warm and fuzzy nipping at your finger tips and then licking the pain away. Watch which side of the lion you are sharing with the world. Also, while the Moon and Leo are in lock step, it is a great time to take on those bigger challenges. You know, the kind that need you to be bold and action oriented. The best thing about this moons energy is if you are open and receptive to it, you can leverage that bold energy toward activating the manifestation vibration in your life. As always, a word to the wise. Leo is associated with many things, including the strength

card in the Tarot. Strength is more than dominance, it's more than brute force. In it's highest expression it is creating balance between opposing forces. Look within your own nature my love and see where you can apply strength. An affirmation for you - I transmute any and all resistance into flowing and creative energy. I meet obstacles with calm resolve. I welcome balance and understanding. I receive what I need as I need it. That's all for now my Moonling, thank you for reading. Until next time. If you need me you know where to find me Love Alysa

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