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Moon in Cancer, the intuitive transit

Hey Tender Heart, And so the Moon enters the sign of Cancer bringing with it a deep yearning for nurturing and connection. From March 24th to the 26th the Moon stays within the influence of this empathic and watery sign. The crab symbolizes the nature of Cancer; indirect, sensitive and instinctive.

The Moon and Cancer together is powerful as they share so much. The 4th house is the natural home of the Moon and she also rules the crab. When the Moon is home in her celestial abode you can rely on sentimental feelings to be strong and compelling. At times this will be nostalgia of the sweetest kind and at other times it will be bitter regret for what you feel you have missed. You will be drawn into introspection, seeking the roots of your feelings and the motives of your heart. Looking into your own reflection may cause you to feel a sense of opposition over who you are and who you know you can be. Not gonna lie my love, this next couple of day might be a little challenging. Take the lessons the Crab has to offer. Face difficulty for a sideways angle instead of trying to fight head on. In other words, try a different approach to an old issue. Remember, not everything is as it seems… people have walls like crabs have shells - to protect the tender insides. So be kind with yourself and others. Family will likely be in the forefront of your mind. Particularly the relationship you have had with your Mother. All I can offer you is this - remember she is only human. She makes mistakes and she too has had her own life shift and change under her feet. We all must alter and adapt to survive. That's all for now Moonling. Thank you for reading and spending your time with me. As always you can find me if you need me at Thanks Love, Alysa

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