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Akashic Records

Alysa Bartha

Instructor & N.S.M.A. Founder

Alysa is a professional mystic, who teaches and works with spiritual seekers from all over the world. Her dynamic personality and passion for the mystic arts is infectious. She loves to bring her wealth of metaphysical knowledge and depth of experience to her clients by providing intuitive and spiritual services. 

Alysa brings nearly 3 decades of practice reading tarot which includes her unique experience as the Artist and co-creator of The Sirian Starseed Tarot which enjoys a global distribution

In her professional practice, Alysa is a master tarot reader & teacher, second-generation traditional western fusion astrologer,  numerologist, certified professional past-life regressionist, Reiki master, certified Life coach, published author, artist, and founder of the North Star Mystic Academy which opened fall 2019.

Alysa’s students and client’s return again and again because of her straightforward, honest and accurate teaching and profoundly intuitive readings. She is known for her ability to balance fun with professionalism

Alysa lives and works in Hillsburgh, Ontario

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