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What is done in the dark, becomes visible in the light. New Moon Solar Eclipse

New Moon Solar Eclipse in the archer's sign Sagittarius!

Now the energies from the luminaries bring us into a space where you may experience a considerable, expansion, metamorphosis and even some sudden changes… fair warning they may feel like a disaster but will in fact bring an explosion of growth.

During the Dark or new New Moon phase, new energy is emerging. Growing in the space if a completed cycle, where one thing has died off in your life it leaves an open space where something new may germinate.

While in the sign of Sagittarius, you are likely feeling like something HAS to change. Like the itchy old too tight sweater your life has become, must be ripped from your body so that you can be free. You may not feel it from your outside circumstances… rather it is likely that this "discomfort" is coming from within. Which can make it difficult to understand just why you're feeling that way.

You know you have had to change many things in your life in response to the conditions of the outside world… but that ain't it. It's bigger, more compelling and impossible to ignore.

So what do you do? How do you change all those itchy, chaffing feelings? How do you get outside and run free?

Good question… I'm glad you asked!

Start with reevaluating your goals and intentions from the past six months. What is thriving and what is laying collecting dust? Decided what you want to nurture and what you are willing to release.

Another thing to consider is that this New Moon will be partnering to a certain degree with the Moon’s South Node in Sagittarius. The tail of the dragon, or the South Node, tells us of our past lives, karmic cycles we are engaged in, and the nature of the energies you brought with you or have mastered in your past life.

The North Node, on the other hand, is your life mission, the lesson plan for your current life and it signifies where you need to grow and improve so that you may master the lessons of this lifetime.

So, New Moon Solar Eclipse is a HUGE window of opportunity that you may use to readjust your pathway going forward. You may choose to adapt your intentions, or even set NEW ones. My dear Mystic, now is the time to make a fully conscious effort to shift your ATTENTION to healing wounds... New or old... and free yourself from the restraints of your past and end old karmic cycles. Basically… get your shit together and get down to the business if being the badass I know you are.

For some of you, this new moon eclipse energy could have you feeling extremely emotional. You may feel as though you can't keep up with the demand of all the pressure that seems to have been building higher and heavier with every passing day. Sagittarius wants FREEDOM. Not just your -"I get to do what I want when I want" brand of freedom.

True liberty is what the centaur wants. Freedom of thought, movement, creativity and of course emotional freedom. This strong influence will have you bucking against anything that seems to be a mechanism of control. You want to hurry your hooves into the chest of any oppressor - real or imagined. All I can think about is Daenerys Stormborn demanding that everyone "bend the knee"

The good news is that with eclipse energy something WILL change. It may seem sudden or even disastrous, but please, if you can remember that this proceeds the transformation that will inevitably bring joy.


During this time, I suggest you do very quiet grounding activities. If you can, meditate, practice yoga, breathwork, take a purification bath, sleep or find a way to just be still. Create stability and inner quiet and connect with your soul and your heart centre. Try to establish clarity on what it is that would allow you to be fully happy and fulfilled. Don't judge what comes to you, simply observe. Use the increasing Sagittarian energy to see the bigger picture, it just may really help you uncover what is truly for your highest good.

You may discover that you must shift your perspectives on life, that what was true six months ago is now somehow different. Don't view this change as a loss… see it as an evolution! You may also find that consciousness upgrades occur as a result of your new-found clarity. Remember that nothing is permanent, fortunately, everything is ALWAYS changing. This is an opportunity for you to consciously embrace that awareness.

For some of you, you may realize that your spiritual beliefs are changing as well. You may notice that your capacity for understanding and integration is also expanding. The borders of what you could accept are now increasing to include things that were unknown to you only a short time ago. This rapid transformation allows you to set new goals for your development and to make space for yourself to heal and honour your feelings. You are literally being called to know yourself on a deep, more holistic level.

Additionally, this is also the final New Moon of the year, bringing completion to a full lunar cycle! Reflect on this past year, how far have you come? How many obstacles have you overcome? How many wounds have you healed? How much have you learned? Use this energy to see yourself as you were, as you are now, and who you aspire yet to be.

Lastly my dear mystic, this current Solar Eclipse is linked to the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius back in June on the 5th. It might be interesting to look back at this time. Think about what you were working to release, did you let it go? Think back on the changes you were working to make, did you achieve them? Think about what patterns were showing up in your life, where you able to rewire them?

Going forward, think about how you can refine your intentions, how can you direct your energy now to help you transform and evolve? What waits for you as you pass over this threshold and into the next cycles of your life?

And for Gods sake don't charge your damn crystals!! Or make moon water! In ancient astrology, an eclipse was said to foretell the death of kings! Save that for when the energy isn't so damned Eclipsey and intense.


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