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Things you may not know about Past Life Regression

5 things everyone needs to know about past life regression

You may have heard about Past Life Regression… or maybe you haven’t Either way, I’m sure you might be a little bit curious about it. Over the years I have been doing Past life regressions, I have learned a tremendous amount about the soul and the human experience that it carries from life to life. The memories that are contained in your soul are seemingly limitless, the experiences are varied and profound person to person, soul to soul.

As you are reading this now, you're collecting far more than just information. As your eyes take in the words I’ve written, your subconscious mind is collecting emotions, memories and impressions. It's taking in all the details of your experience and secretly, quietly weaving them into the consciousness of your very essence…

Stored within your soul is a tapestry of experiences from different times, different places and different interpretations of events, all of which are perceived through the eyes of your body and embedded into the fabric of your soul. You are the awakened dreamer, collecting experience for the pleasure and expansion of The Divine - sounds like a big job, doesn’t it. :p

The benefit of past life regression is it sheds a soft healing light into the shadow shapes of your soul's memory, helping you to release and resolve many things that are otherwise inaccessible.

1. You don’t need to believe in a certain religion for it to work - Many of my clients have asked me if they have to believe in a certain kind of religion in order for them to have a past life.

Let me put it to you this way…NOPE!

While many religions support the concept of reincarnation, there are several ways in which these religions approach the way and the reasons that reincarnation happens. Also, there are some religions that don’t agree with reincarnation at all. What I have found is that despite a person's religious beliefs (I’ve regressed atheists and devotees alike) the common thread isn’t in what they believe.

The commonality in all regressions is best compared to muscle memory. Everyone who has ever ridden a bike and stopped or played a musical instrument, or is an athlete, or does anything to do with movement knows about muscle memory. Just like muscle memory, we have spiritual memory, and exactly like when muscle memory has triggered the motions that you trained your muscles to perform come flooding back even if it has been decades since you last did the thing. Similarly, there is spiritual memory that is woven into your very being at the soul level that travels with you life, after, life.

When it is triggered you will “remember a place, a feeling or even a person’s energy. That’s why sometimes feel like “OMG… I feel like I’ve known you forever.” or when you’re like “I'm terrified of boats, I wonder if I drowned in a past life.” Chances are… you’re right, you just need to find the origin point in your soul timeline to confirm and define what you feel!

2. People aren’t making it up - In my experience, this is one of the biggest concerns people have when they decide to have a past life regression. The question I am most often is asked is -” Alysa, how do I know I’m not imagining things?” My answer is that during a session you are in a deep state of trance and the critical and logical side of your mind is very relaxed. This trance state is one that every human enters into naturally all the time. Think of every time you’ve driven a familiar route only to arrive at the destination not remembering the details of the trip. That is a light state of trance!

When your logical mind is in a state of relaxation, the memories that come forward are not influenced by their environment or the distractions created by critical analysis. In other words, the experiences that people relate in a session are coming from a place beyond where the limitations of where the physical experience can take you. In truth, past life regression is very much an experience that can only come from a very spiritual source.

3. Hypnosis is the gateway - The first thing I always tell people when they ask me about how hypnosis fits in with past life regression is that Hypnosis is used as a tool to relax the critical, analytical and logical side of your mind enough that the subconscious mind is accessible. It's actually through the gateway of the subconscious mind that a connection is established with the higher mind or soul. Additionally, hypnosis is extremely safe and truthfully, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. What do I mean by that? Let me tell ya…

There are several states or levels of consciousness that we are in throughout the span of a day. For example, think about when you are shopping for groceries; at that level of consciousness, you are wide awake paying attention to your environment. You are looking for specific items, and you are constantly taking in information that helps you to decide what actions to take and what things to avoid. That level of awareness is known as the beta brain wave state (12 TO 38 HZ).

The more relaxed you become, the more your brain waves slow down, allowing less and less external stimulus into your awareness, which in turn creates a meditative or dreamless state. Once you are deeply relaxed and in theta brain waves (3 TO 8 HZ) you are at the gateway of memory, and intuition. For some people, it feels very dreamy and flowing even though they are awake. In theta, our senses are withdrawn from the external world and focused on signals originating from within. It is the twilight state in which the deep soul memories are recorded and can be accessed. Using hypnosis is the safest and easiest way to go inward and retrieve these memories, simply because you have a guide to help you every step of the way.

4. Regression has been around longer than you might think - Regression work has been around a long time. Clinically, regression is used to help people access memories that may have been buried deep in the recesses of their subconscious minds. Age regression has been used by therapists since at least the 1970s. Past life regression has a history that goes back to ancient times.

Some recorded examples of regression practice during ancient times include Greek dream incubation centers, Greek and Egyptian Mystery schools, there are references of past-life recall also exist in Buddhist Scriptures. In the 20′s and 30′s, Edgar Cayce brought about increased awareness of past lives by channelling the past life information of people. In 1927, Paul Brunton wrote about a technique that the yogis developed to tune into past lives.

In modern times, over the last several decades there has been continued practice and research conducted from a more scientific-based approach by contributors such as Ian Stevenson who pioneered the research related to the spontaneous recollection of past lives, specifically in children. Also, I should mention the invaluable contributions made by Dr. Brian Weiss. His book “Many Lives, Many Masters” which everyone should read, gives validation to healing through past life regression! So as you can see, this past life stuff has been around for more than a minute.

5. It is transformative - Have you ever thought to yourself… WHY am I so scared to____ or I must have done something in a past life to deserve this sh*t.

Or my personal favourite, In my next life I hope I come back______.

The most amazing thing about past life regression is how life-altering it is. Everyone I have ever had the privilege to regress has emerged from the experience with a deeper understanding of their own soul’s journey.

It doesn’t seem to matter what the reason for regression, there is always a link from a past life that connects into the experiences and circumstances of the present. For some people, they have come just wanting to see what might happen and others come because they feel like there is something they need to understand, and they just can’t put their finger on it. Some people come for regression to heal a wound or to release a karmic debt or pattern. It never ceases to amaze me how personal, intimate and unique each person's experience is with past life regression.


After the session is over, I love talking about the regression with my clients. Each one will tell me how they experienced their memories in great detail. I’ve had people tell me they had visions as clear as if the events had happened only a day or two before. For some people they just have impressions; like they just know a thing happened or they remember a person's energy. I’ve even had clients that are shivering as they remember a cold winter in their past life. I had one client who could see the faces of people she knew in this life right beside the people’s faces from a past life, and she knew they were the same souls in a different body. They were people who are in her soul group (that’s a whole other conversation) that she has reincarnated with several times. It’s just mind-blowing!

I hope I have opened a pathway for you and that as your spiritual journey continues to unfold you know that there is yet another tool to assist you in unlocking your truth.

To delve deeper, to discover and affirm the memories held in the secret places of your soul with a past life regression, click here.


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