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My Top 5 Crystals for Tarot Readings

So you're a crystal junkie.... and a Tarot card connoisseur ... so what to do, what to do?

Blend them of course!

However, if you are just getting started you might be wondering which crystals are ideal to amplify your readings. Needless to say, there are like a BAJILLION crystals to choose from and, you might have also noticed that many minerals have some overlap in terms of what they do. That's ok, no need to worry, I've got you covered!

I'd like to hopefully help you out and share my top 5 crystals for tarot readings that can help you supercharge your readings!

Red Jasper is one of my favourite crystals, and it's pretty much a stone for every occasion. It helps to ground you and centre yourself so that your mind/ body connection is super stable. If you feel like your energy has been dispersed in different directions, red jasper is a wonderful stone for consolidating your focus and recalibrating your energy. Red Jasper also has some amazing properties when it comes to protection! It's a stone of courage and endurance, especially when it comes to navigating difficult situations or relationships in your life. Lastly - red jasper is connected with the Root Chakra (the base chakra), which means that this crystal is ideal for helping you to maintain a steady and supportive vibe for yourself and whomever you may be reading for! Also, Red Jasper works well with any other crystals that are associated with the root chakra (i.e.: Dioptase).


Black Obsidian is a very powerful stone and can be used for protection against negativity and psychic attack. It is also an excellent grounding stone that helps you become more aware of the energies around you, including those that are not always pleasant.

Black Obsidian is a good stone for centering, grounding and removing energy blockages. It helps to release old emotions which may be hindering your progress in life. Black Obsidian can bring clarity to situations where there has been confusion or indecision. Use Black Obsidian when working with the Root Chakra as it will help keep you grounded during times of change or upheaval in your life.


Blue Apatite is a wonderful addition to your tarot readings. Its soft blue colour helps you find the right words when delivering messages and can give you clarity on how best to communicate with others. I love it because it helps calm the nervous system and balance emotions, making it an excellent stone for when you need an extra boost of self-confidence. Blue Apatite also opens up communication between two people through any medium—phone calls, emails or even instant messenger chats! It is by far my most used crystal when teaching and reading for clients. I have a beautiful palm stone that I keep in my hand when I'm doing a lot of talking. This crystal is great for working with the throat chakra, so it’s perfect if you have trouble finding

the right words during a reading.


Clear Quartz is a stone that can be used to amplify energy and direct it. It can help you focus, but it can also help you with healing. This crystal is often used in meditation because it helps clear your mind and helps you to focus on what's happening around you. If you need some guidance, Clear Quartz will work well as a tool for communication. I've become a bit of a Clear Quartz collector... I've literally lost count of all the specimens that I have collected. Just keep one in your pocket when doing readings for clients or yourself! They will help you pick up on what needs healing most at that moment and show signs where those issues may occur -- sometimes even months ahead of time (or even years)! So keep them close by at all times!!!


Green Moss Agate is a stone of prosperity and abundance. It helps to attract what you want into your life, whether that’s a work-related success or the love of your life. This crystal is attuned to the energy of Venus and can provide you with the support you need to get through any challenges that arise when pursuing your goals. Green Moss Agate is also a healing stone, which makes it even more useful in terms of providing emotional support when things get tough. It can help ease feelings of sadness or depression by restoring hope and lightening up on self-criticism. In addition to its positive effect on moods, it can help you to keep the heart of your reading centred by supporting the energetic flow to and from your heart chakra.

Cause seven is better than 5 ... here's 2 more!

I generally keep these two crystals on my reading table which works to sustain and regulate energy. However, you might find that these two crystals are good for tons of other purposes so don't be afraid to experiment!

Amethyst is a very calming stone and assists with stress relief. It also helps with insomnia, so it’s great if you have trouble sleeping and need something to help you relax before bedtime.

Black tourmaline is another stone that helps with anxiety, but it also protects against negative energy and psychic attacks. If there are any negative energies around where you live or work, this would be the one I would recommend getting!

Wanna learn more about crystals and how to use them? Check out my 4 week crystal intensive Here

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Jess Hart
Jess Hart
May 17, 2022

I like all of these stones! 👏🏻👏🏻 I also have a blue apatite palm stone that I use for readings. I got it after taking your tarot class. 💜 I just recieved a jasper for mother's day, that I need to incorporate into my practices as well. Thanks for this info!

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