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How to use your 5 senses to Connect to your Spiritual Entourage

Communication from Spirit Guides is somewhat of a mystery to most of us, yet, there are those who say they can openly communicate with other-worldly beings they call Guides and spirits. Knowing this may have left you wondering just how this is done... and if you too can do it. The good news is YES! There are a variety of ways in which you can connect with what I like to call your spiritual entourage. The fastest way to link up this spiritual "WhatsApp" is through getting familiar with your “clair senses.”

Clair-senses is a collective word, meaning that the Guide’s communication can utilize any of the following types of psychic sensitivity, which co-mingles the physical body’s normal five senses. The five senses and the clair sense involved are:

1. Clairaudience: Clairaudience perceives sounds (or words) that a person can actually hear when, in fact, no one is speaking, and nothing physical is causing the sounds. The sounds are thought to be impressions that register themselves on the spirilla of the ear’s pineal gland. It is believed that clairaudience sounds go through the same process that normal hearing does, passing through the Third Eye chakra of the head.

2. Clairsavorance: Clairsavorance is translated as clear tasting. The person experiences taste in the mouth without putting anything physical actually in the mouth.

3. Clairscient: Clairscient means to smell a fragrance or odour of a substance which is not physical in nature. For example, you might smell cigarette smoke when you are in a place where it is certain no one is smoking or has smoked.

4. Clairsentience. Clairsentience allows a psychic to perceive information as a feeling within the whole body without any other stimuli related to this feeling or information, which comes from within the body, down the kundalini to the stomach area or solar plexus.

5. Clairvoyance. Clairvoyance means to see into an ethereal dimension without using physical eyes. Some describe it as reaching into another vibration frequency and visually perceiving “within the head,” something like moving pictures. The third eye area of the forehead is one of the other strongest communication centers that Guides frequently use to communicate.

In his historical writings of “Psychic Science,” Sir Oliver Lodge spoke about what he called “clairvoyance or lucidity” and raised the older concepts that were coined as “reading with the pit of the stomach.” According to Lodge, using the stomach or belly area as the channel for psychic communications was an established practice.

That is an interesting observation when you look more globally at the ancient beliefs about the belly. The Chinese called this belly chakra the “chi point,” while the Japanese termed it the “hara” or “ki point.” As the body’s balancing chakra, this area is located one and a half inches below the navel and one and a half inches inward toward the spine. It is the “energy” that the body generates; some call it a power center. I love to teach my Reiki Master Students about this energy reservoir because once they understand how to replenish this energy center, it allows them to channel more powerful healing energies.

When you are attempting to connect with the beings in your Spiritual Entourage, you should be aware that every person has more than one guide. Each guide serves a specific purpose in your life, and connecting with your guide consciously can help you to navigate life more easily.

In my book "Essential Psychic Development" I talk about the unique categories of guides we each have and the work that they do in your life. When you use Meditation, Dreamwork, Prayer or Shamanic work to connect with your guides, your Clair senses will be activated. It is important to record everything you experience. Whether it is something subtle like a scent or something more dramatic like a vision of your guide, write down every detail! I also advise drawing any images that appear to you.

Even if they seem somewhat jumbled or disconnected, draw them anyway. Over time you will see the pieces come together, forming a clear and concise picture of your spiritual helpers!

Remember, everyone is unique, and you may find that some of your clairs may be more dominant than others. This doesn't mean you're doing anything wrong; it just means that the ones that work the strongest are the ones that come easiest to you. The others can be strengthened over time!


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