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Back to Earth with Moon in Taurus


Today the Moon transits sensual, deliberate Taurus bringing in feelings of stability after the "just do it already" Aries moon. From March 19th to the 22nd spend time With Taurus and take everything with a slower more determined pace. Things just sort of wind down and find a lovely cadence that delivers you to your destination firmly and with intention.

The Bull is the second sign in the zodiac and is ruled by beauty loving Venus; and while the Moon (which represents your emotions) and the Bull are together it feels oh so good. You will want to spoil yourself, pamper others and offer gentle expressions of comfort with good humor and deep conversation. Oh love, don't you just want to wrap yourself in something fuzzy and warm? Don't you just adore the feeling of the secure and grounding energy that Taurus bestows. I know I do.

Also, Taurus is very habit oriented and you may choose to use these next couple of days to establish a new health regime or even create positive new routines. Maybe get up a little earlier, maybe start walking or spending some time outside...even if it is still a little chilly. While the Moon is in Taurus it is the perfect time to plant the seeds you wish to reap. In other words, if you want to be more healthy, happier, more aligned with your higher purpose, use the influence of Taurus to build the foundation upon which you wish to build your empire on.

The desire for deep relaxation and seclusion will be strong for some of us. For others the calling for surrounding yourself with like minded friends. Whatever your choice the goal will remain the same; a higher level of insight is what your soul is craving. It will be through your core values that you will find the answers you seek. Refine your level of clarity and you will have the very best of everything will be revealed to you. And Taurus LOVES the very best of everything.

Just a word to the wise before I go...

If you are swept up in the Taurean tendency to be self indulgent you will likely find that there will be much to undo later on. While Taurus loves to be immersed in beauty and luxury watch your impulses to indulge in some retail therapy. Also just be sure that your appetites don't over take you... you know the old saying - too much of a good thing is still too much.

If you can, just take this time with the Taurus Moon transit as an opportunity to envelope yourself in lovely love. Take your time, be deliberate and painstaking as you're looking for ways to feel better or feel good.

That's all for now Moonlings, enjoy the grounding influence of the Bull

Until next time -




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