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Advice for the May 26th TOTAL Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Once again it is eclipse time and the energy of the year is about to shift.

But, that shift doesn't take place without a little bit of work on our part. On May 26, 2021, the Full Flower Moon will be totally eclipsed by the shadow of Earth. This will cause our nearest neighbor to turn a "bloody" shade of red for approximately 14 minutes. This first lunar eclipse of the year takes place in the firey sign of Sagittarius just a few hours after the Moon reaches perigee, or what is the closest point to Earth on its orbit.

Lunar eclipses operate in a way that works to dissolve the past, making an eclipse a brief but extremely potent lunation. The phenomenon of an eclipse is called an "occultation", which is an event that is defined by the Moon, or any planet, eclipsing a star or another planet making it temporarily invisible. Historically, lunar eclipses were the first major celestial events that ancient astrologers learned how to predict. They would use historical events and visual observation to predict them.

Now, you may have noticed there has been an intensifying charge in the air, making us all feel like something is about to change. That is because the effects of a forthcoming eclipse can be felt up to six months before and after the actual date of the eclipse.

Many people tend to be fearful of eclipses because they are linked to the transformation of circumstances. However, we are usually the ones to catalyze or to initiate those changes because our “inner guides” know that some things gotta give. So, my dear Mystic, just because eclipses are known to bring about a crisis of sorts, it doesn't mean it's gonna be all bad. In fact, the events or circumstances you are faced with can just as easily be very positive, creative, and expanding. This first lunar eclipse also marks the beginning of series eclipses in 2021. Look to your natal chart to see which house each eclipse falls into forecast what events may be triggered in your life.

Lunar Eclipse May 26th in Sagittarius 11:13 am EST

Solar Eclipse June 10th in Gemini 10:52 am EST

Lunar Eclipse Nov 19th in Taurus 8:57 am EST

Solar Eclipse Dec 4th in Sagittarius 7:43 am EST

This time around the moon and sun will be in the sign of Sagittarius, which is ruled by Jupiter. Sagittarius rules your personal belief structures, your desire to explore and discover foreign places, religious beliefs and personal philosophies, higher education, your morals, foreign languages and cultures, personal truths, sharing ideas, and publishing issues will be in sharp focus. This lunar occultation may bring challenges to these matters and present opportunities for new beginnings in your thought paradigm.

While you work to navigate all this changing energy, here are a few pointers to help you along.

Take a Bath - Washing away stagnant energy with a ritual bath can be a wonderful way to emerge from the lunar eclipse with renewed vitality. Your mind, soul, and physical body are all affected by the powerful eclipse energy, bringing forth things within you that may have gone unexpressed. Or if not unexpressed, perhaps unknown to you. When those things surface and become visible, you will need to process them. This can sometimes lead to discovering the need to change

something and with that transformation, a cleansing to remove any residual energetic gunk. Besides... baths are pretty nice anyway.

As a suggestion, any of these can be nice in a bath.

Just be sure you are not sensitive or allergic to any of the following before using.

Pink Himalayan salt

Add between 1/4 and 1/2 cup witch hazel to the bathwater





Lemon Balm

Meditate - Of all times, meditating during the period of an eclipse can be most beneficial.

As the Moon overtakes the sun, you become even more sensitive than usual. If you are a person who is already very empathic with a heightened level of sensitivity, meditating can be a way to process your feelings more effectively. The Sun represents our mind works. How we think about things and how our thoughts move us in our lives. Whereas the Moon represents our emotional works and how our emotions guide us toward action. And, the Earth is directly associated with our physical bodies, the vehicle that moves us through life on the physical plane. During an eclipse, meditation can help you to bring all of these facets of yourself into a moment of alignment.

Sometimes adding music can help increase your meditation

Try these -

  • Solfeggio tones

  • Binaural beats

Find Stillness - This can seem impossible for many of us. With work, family and other demands tugging at your proverbial shirttail, finding stillness is often the hardest thing to do. Nonetheless, finding stillness during the duration of the Eclipse can help you to understand your own needs. The quiet that you cultivate consciously during this time can help you unravel some of the more challenging emotions that may surface for you. Considering that this energy precedes revelation and transformation, you will most definitely benefit from having some space to digest your feelings and thoughts.

Stillness can be created in any number of ways. You don't have to sit in the lotus position like a monk! You can find stillness by

  • Sitting quietly

  • Yoga Nidra

  • Meditation

  • Prayer


Don't Eat - During an eclipse, the Sun, Earth, and Moon are all in conjunction or what appears as one straight line for a period of time. A total lunar eclipse can last up to nearly 2 hours. As a result of this combined alignment of the luminaries and our home planet produce a heightened magnetic force. The alignment of these celestial bodies has a significantly strengthened energetic impact which can be observed in natural phenomena such as the high tides produced in the ocean. Since ancient times the period during an eclipse was a time in which people would pull back from their daily lives to meditate deeply. As a result of the increased biomagnetism within the physical body, the depth of which your meditations can reach is intensified greatly. Therefore, because some forms of deep meditation are better performed with an empty stomach, the increased celestial magnetic field made by the eclipse is very conducive to achieving deeper more profound meditation.

If you must eat during the period of the eclipse be sure to -

  • Eat whole foods

  • Eat foods with high water content

  • Avoid fast food

  • Avoid excess sugars

Don't Charge Crystals - Here again, it should be taken into account that the magnetic forces between Sun, Moon & Earth are increased and that can have unwanted effects on your favorite minerals! Because many of us use crystals in our spiritual and even professional practices, I advise waiting until the eclipse has passed by a day or two. While it may seem like a good time to charge your crystals because an eclipse is a special event, it should in fact be avoided. Now even if this seems a little silly, take a look at the natural world. Notice that many animals act agitated and unusual.

According to "Some spider species begin to break down their webs during an eclipse, as they typically do at the end of the day. Once the eclipse has passed, they begin to rebuild them again, possibly lamenting the lack of rest in between. Similarly, fish and birds that are active during the day head for their nighttime resting places, while nocturnal bats appear, seemingly tricked by the sudden darkness." Eclipses in astrology function as karmic activators or suppressants. So instead wait until the celestial energy stabilizes to charge and or cleanse your crystals.

Don't Cleanse or charge your Sacred items - According to Babylonian scholars, eclipses could foretell the death of the king. In ancient times the death of the king could plunge a nation into war and chaos! An eclipse was seen as inauspicious energy as it was considered disruptive energy and could bring on a crisis for the people. The reason for this is because the Sun was associated with the king, just as the Sun is the center of our solar system, the king was the center of the nation. When the Earth would pass between the Sun and the moon causing the earth's shadow to be cast on the Moon, making the moon unnaturally red or bloodied. The energy reflected from the Moon back to earth is again made unusual and destructive. In the ancient world, people would make substitute kings that would absorb the wrathful energy of the eclipse in place of the actual king. So, the reason I advise against charging and or clearing your sacred items or tools is that it is better to NOT expose them to this discordant energy.


As you can see, looking at what is happening in the natural world is important, not just because of the beautiful effects it may have on the environment, but also because of the energy that is transmitted to us on the planet. As human beings we are subject to both physical and metaphysical energies and it the importance of having an awareness of the energies at work cannot be overstated.

I hope that you have found this helpful.

All my love,


Alysa is a trained Astrologer practising a fusion of modern and ancient traditional techniques. She specializes in Natal & Transformational astrology.

In her professional practice Alysa is a Tarot reader & Co-creator & Artist of The Sirian Starseed Tarot Reiki Master Teacher, Past Life Regression fascilitator, Certified Advanced Eriksonian Hypnotist, and the Founder and Head Instructor of N.S.M.A. - North Star Mystic Academy.

She works and lives in Hillsburgh, Ontario with her family and two cat overlords. She loves to collect more books than she will ever read and to share knowledge, support and guidance to all those who seek it.

Book your reading with Alysa here.


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