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July 31st New Moon is the Cats Meow

New Moon July 31st 2019

Isn't it interesting how the New Moon always grabs our attention and imagination. I think it's because its a little bit spooky and magical when the night sky is the darkest but also when the stars are most visible. Astrology teaches us that when the face of the Moon is obscured by the shadow of the Earth there is a special kind of energy that influences our lives.

The New Moon or sometimes called the Dark Moon symbolizes a time when you can begin to channel energy in a new direction or at least channel energy in the same direction in a new way for the next 28 days. However, you can direct or channel your energy in more targeted ways by knowing just how the energy of this New Moon will influence you.

So to help you better direct your focus my dear Mystic, let me give you some pointers that will hopefully help you to surf those energetic waves.

With Leo season is in full swing The July 31 new moon brings a Venus/ Moon conjunct which effectively spurs a realization that you are in need of a renovation in your love life and finances. Over the Next 4 weeks look over the details of your love life in the same way you would when preparing to write a review for your latest purchase. Be critical, but don’t be unkind. Look at what YOU bring to the relationship as well. Leo loves to be in charge, and because of this you will likely see an element of this need in the way emotions are felt and expressed.

You may feel a bit more reactive or touchy during this period. You could even be feeling uncertain and as if there is an underlying tension between you and your lover that you just can’t put your finger on. This my dear Mystic is an open window of opportunity for things to get frustrating and complicated if you aren’t careful. My advice, take all that need for power and control that Leo wants and invest it in leadership rather than dominance.

See what Leo wants us to do is to be the benevolent monarch. Leading with love, creativity and romance. However, if you aren’t feeling any of those things in your relationship, the shadow side of Leo will find a way to make an ugly ass appearance. That energy, when not expressed in a love vibration, becomes haughty, jealous and arrogant. It shows up in its archetypes shadow, pissing on the metaphorical screen door like an angry Tom cat instead of a purring kitty.

So this is where you will want to exercise a new way of approaching vulnerability. Protect your feelings but make sure you give room for others to protect their own. Oh and to make things even more fun... the New Moon is also in square to Uranus which is the influence that brings uncertainty, tension and the potential for unexpected changes. This particular combination of aspects seems to affect people with a tendency toward impulsive reactions, rebellion, and aggression. In other words, expect moodiness and full diva mode activation.

Patience and cooperation are absolutely vital to avoid relationship instability. If you start to feel stressed and anxious, slow down, meditate and listen intently to your intuition because it will help you to navigate the tricky waters that you might find yourself dead man floating in. Or come see me ;)

In terms of finance, you will want to be extra careful when it comes to impulse spending. I don’t know if it is because of the need for retail therapy in response to the emotional dramas that are floating around, or if it is just the way this energy affects us. Either way, it is important to just choose wisely right now.

You might do well to pull out the calculator and the books and see just where the money is coming and going. This will give you an opportunity to use that New Moon energy to approach old money habits with new strategies.

Lastly, on a more intuitive level I would like to take a moment to offer one more little tidbit. I feel as though this Moon may bring some revelations. Something that has been hidden from you will be revealed. The funny thing is though, it is something that you have been feeling a long time and probably just been afraid to act upon because of feeling uncertain.

As our Moon darkens and her face is hidden from our view, something else will become seen. Almost as though the darkness allows this thing to come out from the inky black shadows of secrecy and emerge into the light of truth.

I’m not sure exactly what that looks like for you, but be prepared to be confronted with a deep truth that will catalyze a change… more like a determination. It’s like if you have had a choice you’ve been needing to make, this energy will help you to crystalize your conviction. You will be more comfortable, bold and empowered which will allow you to make this decision and stand behind it. Something just feels different and I think it will be easier for you to make your choice now then without the forthcoming revelation.

That’s all for now my dear mystic. I hope this helps you and that it serves you well.

Until next time

Love, Alysa

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