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What you need to know about the Total Solar Eclipse on July 2nd 2019

Hello Mystics,

July begins with a total solar eclipse in 10° Cancer. What does this mean you ask?

Well, in a turn toward the positive, this eclipse brings out the warm fuzzies in you especially where it concerns home and family. Cancer, which is ruled by the moon, opens an umbrella of nurturing energy that helps you to make peace where conflict was, and love where there may not have been quite enough.

You might find that people will be a bit more open minded and ready to have those conversations that will restore the good vibes between all concerned. Just hang out, have a BBQ, listen to music and just enjoy spending time with the ones you love the most. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself feeling the urge to call, text or email everyone you know just how much you love the…. Go ahead, seriously it’s not that weird. I promise they will love it. After all no one dislikes being told they are loved and appreciated.

Also, this Eclipse brings blessings in its wake.

If you are just learning about Astronomy and not sure how all this works, let me explain. A solar eclipse is just like any regularly scheduled New Moon. That is to say that the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun causing it’s shadow to fall on the Earth while it over takes the Sun.

But, the biggest difference is that a solar eclipse is more potent astrologically because the Moon completely darkens the Sun.

Remember, in part, the moon represents our emotions, subconscious and of course change; and the Sun represents our core self, authority and of course the creative life force energy we are all endowed with. So, this solar eclipse on July 2nd, 2019 is a total solar eclipse so none of the Sun will be completely covered by the Moon. Which will then have the effect of motivating you to move past any fears you have been harbouring, You might feel a little more bold, excited and ready to start something new!

Also, the new moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of a brand new cycle. Worth noting is that a new moon influence lasts for about four weeks but a solar eclipse lasts around six months, so be prepared to sit in its energy for a while. It really and truly is a good time to connect with your Momma as well, because Cancer and the Moon represent your Mother figure.

Additionally, this eclipse also has the potential to gift many of us with good physical health. Honors and accolades at work or school and in some cases an increase in your finances. This is a great time for networking and getting together with like minded people. Use this potent energy to end old conflicts, disagreements and wash out the bad blood between you and someone you need to mend bridges with. A little heart centered negotiation will go a long way to make peace.

For those of you who are entrepreneurial, this Total Solar Eclipse opens a HUGE window of opportunity for you. Now is the time to get into alignment with the things you love, work your ass off and have a little patients and watch your dreams begin to manifest.

Arguably the strongest and most important aspect of astrology is Sun conjunct Moon.

A Sun Moon Conjunction is when the Sun and the Moon are super close together. So close in fact that their combined energies create a third and distinct energy. The influence of this energy means that all potentials are on the table and you can consciously use this energy to activate your plans for the future. Also, you would do very well to clean out your emotional closet. Reflect, and really be critical of your old beliefs, habits and behaviors, eliminate whatever has kept you in a holding pattern and seek out new and inventive ways to make progress. Really my dear, this is really the best time to make a fresh start, orienting yourself toward achieving those goals you have been dreaming about.

Along the way there might even be a few surprises… don’t worry, they will be of the positive and stimulating variety.

Honestly this is one of those Eclipses that are worth looking forward to. The advice I would give you… even if it is unsolicited… is to just really enjoy this energy. There will be many opportunities through out the rest of 2019 to stress, worry or be upset, so why not take the time to just enjoy yourself and the people you love. Fix your gaze on the future and let all of the Eclipse energy inspire you in creating the life you want to live. And let me tell you, this is a much needed break from some of the rather heavy energy that comes with some of the retrograde planets that are currently doing their best to help us purge, eliminate and heal.

So, I’ll just say it this way, an open mind and an open heart will serve you. Hard work, patients and creative thinking will supercharge your business endeavours. Spend time with your Momma if you can and work out any past hurts with friends and family because this Eclipse is on your side.

P.S. Just in case you can’t find your keys or you seem to have to repeat yourself alot lately, we are in the shadow of our favorite communication convoluter. July 7th Mercury Stations Retrograde in Leo and then a few days later on July 16th we get a partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn. Weeeeee… let the summer fun begin!

Thanks for reading

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Until next time!

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