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Making Friends with Mercury... Retrograde

Ok, I honestly can't tolerate another "WOOOOOO Mercury goes Retrograde, hide under your covers cause all your shit is gonna break and everything's gonna go wrong and you're gonna cry!" Mercury Retrograde is here to ruin your life and make everything difficult and horrible and you should be afraid. It's seriously gonna make me barf.

Mercury Retrograde

The simple truth is this - Retrogrades are kind of a pain in the ass. They tend to cause delays, and reversals sometimes and they do bring us back to start a lot. I personally have a few retrograde stories that are super crappy... you know the kind of story where 5 things go wrong in the span of an hour and you're shaking your fist at the sky yelling damn you... damn you Mercury!! (or Venus, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto... cause Jupiter isn't that big of a jerk.) Retrograde energy is notorious for ramming perspective down your throat like a plunger solving a bathroom clog situation. Nice picture huh.

But, here's the thing - it doesn't have to be so bad, it really doesn't. Similar to a bully that beats the crap out of other kids for their lunch money (this is a no bullying zone btw) even the bad guy has a back story that you can learn from. If you understand why he is doing the heinous shit he is doing you can choose to approach dealing with him in a better way.

So, since we are at the beginning of another 3 glorious weeks of misunderstandings,

delays, tech communications, and the like, I thought I would offer you my dear friend some advice from the perspective of an astrologer - and fellow Mercurial mishap sufferer.

Retrograde Re-do's

Re-read - If you have anything you must sign, or an important notice, or article, take time to re-read things. If you can get someone you trust to take a read through to make sure you haven't missed any points. If you don't have anything you need to double take... maybe just re-read a good book.

Re-charge - Aside from the obvious, recharging your devices, recharge YOU. Seriously, take a day off social media. A day away could be just the thing you need! You know how sometimes you read somebodies post and you're like WTF is to me? This is one of those golden opportunities to step back and just let things simmer down. Named for the messenger of the Gods, Mercury rules all form of communication, and sometimes communication can get a bit muddled to say the least. So, just go ahead and assume that while Mercury is drunk wobbling, somethings said could simply be a misunderstanding... so just walk away.

Re-assess - this kinda goes along with the re-read thing. But, you can take a more broad stroke approach to really rake in the advantages of retrograde energy. What's cool about taking time to reassess where you are through looking back at where you were is always helpful. If you haven't made forward progress, then re-assess and look for the reason why. If you have made strides toward your goals, re-assess if where you want to go is still on the right track.

Re-Visit - Ok this one can be a little tough, there is nothing less fun than having to re-visit old wounds, rifts or difficulties. For real, it sucks picking at scabs, especially if you are still healing from something painful. However, there is a eloquence to reviewing ( another RE!) things from the past. When you use some retrospective when looking at something... even traumatic somethings, you might be surprised at the new things that come to light. Some times you have had just enough distance from an event that you're feelings about it don't swallow you whole. You can look at the what was from the perspective of what is and see things you may have missed or misunderstood. It can be very enlightening. Just go with someone who will hold your hand, it's ok to ask for help.

Retrograde Re-don'ts

Re-act - Overreact that is. It's sooo, sooo, soooo tempting to lose your shit when everything is going wrong. Let's be honest, when everything is breaking, lost and you're

going to be late it feels mighty nice to blow off some steam by yelling or cussing out the nearest scapegoat for you're impotent retrograde inspired rage! I'm in favor of a good venting. Just remember that not everyone wants to be on your war path. Sometimes what would normally be - like no big deal - will often times feel magnified because, well dammit, it's all happening one thing on top of the next. My advice... see things as they are not as you think they should be. Remember, sometimes you can't see the reason for all the crap, but trust me there is always one and it always works to your highest good.

Regret - This might sound a little naive or even trite to say, especially after I just recommended that you revisit issues from your past. None the less the whole point of revisiting is to heal the wounds and sometimes recovery comes from releasing regrets. Especially over things we couldn't control, or even some of the things we could. The funny thing about regret is it kind of feels good... bad and good really.

Because when we have a regret it implies that we actually cared.

Regret is a feeling that is best buds with guilt and remorse. They pack around together like girls going to the bathroom at the club. Here's the thing the perceived pay off of regret (proof you cared) is actually no pay off at all. It's real identity is debt. You will never not have feelings about things that didn't go the way you had pictured, just don't let regret be one of them. Instead, insert a new emotion in regrets place... it's called trust. Trust in the fact that whatever you have gone through is part of your beautiful evolution. It might seem weird to say this if you are still dealing with heavy shit, but I promise Trust will move you forward where regret can keep you stuck.

Regurgitate - another negatively spun Mercury retrograde fear inducing article or meme. It's fun, but do you really need something else to make you feel worried? Instead, look for ways to share ways to support others with understanding and helpful tips for thriving!

Reverse - Go against the grain... oh yeah, I said it! for everything to go the way you would prefer, try going in the opposite direction of what your reflexes tell you to do. Example: Your S.O. says something stupid and insensitive, you want to retaliate with a comeback that will have all the power to disintegrate them where they stand... think Thanos and the Gauntlet... in this moment, you should try to take a different route. Even if they deserve and epic tongue lashing, maybe throw them for a loop and call them on their mistake mindfully. Ask them why they would say or do something so hurtful, oh and yes use the word hurtful. Keep your tone calm and your demeanor relaxed and open and watch their jaw hit the floor. Side note... if you're normally someone who is calm no matter what. Stay calm, but ask the other person for what you need instead of marinating in silent comebacks and hurt.

As you can see there is more than one way to turn the tables on less than optimal energy.

Thanks for reading! I hope this was helpful to you <3



Alysa is a Spiritual Systems Analyst - She loves to use all of her Virgo / Aquarius fueled superpowers as an astrologer, veteran tarot reader, reiki master and mystic. She hates referring to herself in the third person... but figures it's what everyone else seems to do so hey, why not.

Alysa lives in Ontario, Canada with her family where she works from from her Hillsburgh office, teaching and treating those who need help and healing. Alysa is a huge fan of all things mystical that open the mind and closes down fear. Oh and she has been known to collect large amounts of crystals, tarot cards and books... and comic books. Basically, she is trying to be a grown up while also being a useful human being.

Alysa provides readings for people all over the world with astonishing accuracy and heart centered communication. She is known for her great sense of humor and intelligent approach to her work.Her clients lover her because she knows when to be delicate and when to tell it like it is. A reading with Alysa is an experience that keeps people coming back.

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