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Are you competing against yourself...and losing?

Two things can’t occupy the same space,

We know this to be true as it concerns physics. We recognize this fact when we try to rearrange a room or when we run out of counter space in the kitchen.

But have you ever considered that two desires cannot occupy the same energetic space?

Here’s the concept. You find yourself desiring something yet not attaining it. Even though you are doing everything you can think of to make it happen you still have nothing in hand. You probably will take a step back and ask yourself or even those around you what you might be doing wrong. Let’s use an example… I love examples, it makes things easier to understand.

Let’s say you’ve started a business.

You have done all the market analysis, you know your ideal customer demographic and you have even mastered the art of writing killer copy for your marketing campaigns. You’ve been at it for several months and by all the prescribed advice you are doing everything perfectly and yet, you are coming up zero’s.

Logic dictates that you should look at everything you’ve done and look for the chinks in your armor, the gaps in your playbook seeking out all of the possible reasons you are failing to meet the mark. Let’s say you even go a step further and you consult experts and they confirm you’re doing everything right. Even they can’t find fault in your formula.

I’d like to invite to you to consider the one place you may not have thought to check - your core belief structures.

Now I’m gonna get all coachy on you.

Here’s the thing about core beliefs, energy, the law of attraction and getting what you want.

If there is a core belief in your heart floating that says you can’t do something or don’t deserve something then guess what darlin’ – you will receive what you are asking for in direct proportion to your belief and your belief will affect the efficacy of your efforts. To break that down a little better; If you have a belief somewhere in you that is convinced that you are undeserving of something or that you don't qualify, or that you're not the kind of person who can have or do a certain things because you're too old, too female or male, too young, too inexperienced or you are lacking something in some way - then the act of self sabotage is in some ways operating on autopilot.

Here's the AH- HA moment -

Before anything becomes solidified into matter it is first a thought or an idea. Thoughts and ideas come from the higher self; or the part of us that is connected with the divine. And so, one could say those thoughts are energy forms that originate from a higher vibratory frequency, or from the light of the Divine.

If our human thoughts are dominated by fear or negative thoughts and energy then we are sending out an energetic signal that says I don't have this or I can't possibly do that, therefore according to the law of attraction you will receive exactly what it is you focus on. What has your primary point of focus is the thing that will grow. Take for example the sun and the sunflower.

The sunflower focuses all of its attention on receiving the sun, It's leaves, petals and face all point

toward the sun in effort to collect as much of the sun’s light as it can. If the sunflower pointed it’s leaves and its petals and its face toward the ground it would not gather as much sun as when it has its optimal solar collection parts pointed in the right direction. When it comes to manifesting what we want in our lives you have to think of your attention/point of focus Our attention works exactly the same way. What ever has you attention is the thing that will grow the most. This is why people who practice L.O.A. recommend using methods like a vision board, focus wheel and surrounding yourself with things that remind you and keep you focused on the object of your hearts desire.

When you use methods like any of the aforementioned what you are creating is an internal environment that is conducive to receiving that which you desire.

So when you are thinking of something you want, don’t focus on the fact that you don't have it.

In other words when you think of the thing you want do not allow your mind to wander and attach thought energy on how bad you feel because you don't have it right now. So let's practice how you can shift your thinking to the path you prefer.

  1. Use a tool or method to keep yourself aligned and focused on attainment

  2. Check your baggage - try and understand why you feel what you feel.

  3. Think of the thing coming in the mail - As you most likely know, snail mail is painfully slow, In Spite of this crappy fact it does not negatively color your anticipation. You don't worry about not having the thing, you know it's coming so you are able to relax and focus on things you can directly affect.

  4. Do things that instill you with feelings of worthiness.

  5. Remind yourself to focus on what you do want every time you start feeling bad about not having something.

  6. Get active! Keep doing things that help what you want to come to you. If you want a job… you gotta put out the resumes!

I hope this helps you to create more and more of what you want. The more you are able to clearly understand where your focus is going the better you will be able to redirect your attention!

Happy manifesting :D


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