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Don't be afraid... it's only Saturn Conjunct Pluto

Oh hey Mighty Morphin' Game Changer!

Not sure if you are aware but at this very moment two of the most intense planets are conspiring against you…. They are cold, they are serious and they really want you to get your shit together. Basically if you have been feeling the pain of restriction and limitation while also experiencing a burning need to change your life in a MAJOR way, then honey you are feeling the energy of Saturn conjunct Pluto. Trust me, it’s not just you… it feels like it, but if you look around I’m sure you will agree everything and everyone are in the midst of some sort of transition.

So lemme break it down for you, this humm dinger of a conjunction is a major planetary event that occurs on the average of every 34 years. Saturn-Pluto conjunction will slowly and grindingly unfold itself throughout the whole of 2019 and will culminate on January 12, 2020.

Just so you know, this is a very different kind of astrological dynamic. It is intensely transformative because it is massively destructive, but also beautifully creative.

Art credit : kellepics

You might remember the last conjunction between these two, it was through November 1982 and ending in 1983. If your too young to remember 1982… well let’s put it this way, it was time of big changes in our collective consciousness. For instance, as it concerned our understanding of the A.I.D.S. epidemic. Last time when the Saturn/ Pluto conjunct was coming to a close was in 1983. It was then that we started to understand what the disease was, as it ravished it’s way through vulnerable communities. Also, 1983 brought the beginning of the cold war between the United States and Russia. Tension was rife between the two powerful nation and the whole world seemed to have it’s teeth on edge waiting to see who was gonna push the button… maybe.

Now here we are again in the midst of another one of these rare Saturn - Pluto conjunctions. It is rare because Pluto has an unusual orbit and only makes contact with Saturn in 34 year intervals; give or take. An unease and molasses slow astrological event, as a collective we feel we need to change. We are disoriented in a generation that seems to have an unstable identity. We know that who we were collectively is no longer who we are, and we must change. But, change comes slow. I think we will need patience and determination as humanity faces extra responsibilities with less time and resources to get the job done.


On an individual level, there is stagnation and angst. There seems to be this sense that something particular in your life that has outlived its usefulness. You know you need to evolve, you know you need to build new foundations.

There is this great damming up of energy in your soul, building and building, making you feel like you are going to split at the seams… and you’re right.

Try not to indulge the urge to rebel against restriction and take rash actions just to feel better.

You may have started to feel the low rumblings of this slow moving evolution around Christmas time in 2018 as Saturn and Pluto began this long grind toward contact Dec 22, 2018 in the sign Capricorn. Maybe you started looking at your career thinking you need out. Maybe you looked at your credit card statement and wen OH SHIT. Or maybe you came to the conclusion that it is time to unearth your spiritual roots in response to feeling like you “just don’t relate to anything anymore”

In January you may have even felt the pressures mount. The need to change something crushing in on you ever tighter. More pressure. More heat. More constriction. And now, here we are in February and you are feeling like something's gotta give, and trust me it will.

You need to eliminate the shit that’s got you stuck. You have to evolve. The only way to do this though is to clear away your blockages… but you have to know where and what they are, you can’t go in blind!

Freedom only comes when you destroy (oh, Pluto loves destruction BTW) your obstructions in thought, practice and expression. You gotta break out baby, but first you have to get honest about what you need to change in yourself. Let Saturn show you where to shine the light. And let Pluto help you clean out those darkling, shadowed corners of your true self. Only then can you adjust your angle of approach.

Here’s your astrological prescription -

  • Take a long hard look at the “work done” during the previous cycle (or the last 12 years)

  • Decide If the lessons of that cycle have been learned and if you are ready to move on to your next cycle. Signs you are ready to move on can include feelings of resolution, completion or neutrality. You may also feel tired of the same old same, ready to move on or like you just can’t look back there.

  • If you find you have been repeating the same patterns and are stuck in a rut and you just can’t seem to resolve them, then my dear is a sign… you still have got some work to do.

  • Look to see what new lessons, patterns or synchronicities are popping up in your life. This is a sign that your evolution has begun. Be sure that you have made room for the “new” by releasing the “old”

  • Don’t expect everything to happen “over night”. Remember this is a process of unfolding. Just like a lotus opening, everyday brings another opportunity to discover more ways to unfold your purpose

  • Seek out support from others who can help guide you, heal you and hold space for you.

Remember sweetness, this is a slow, evolutionary process. If you are willing to do the work. it is a time in which you will be building new foundations on which to prosper in coming years. Be kind to yourself and be kind to others as this is something that we are all going through to varying degrees.

Start Dec 22, 2018 Capricorn Exact Jan 12, 2020 Capricorn 23° Sat 21S 28’, Plu 22S 10’ 0.70° orb End Jan 31, 2021 Aquarius & Capricorn

If you would like to know more detail about Saturn conjunct Pluto, and how it affects you personally, your progressed birth chart holds the key. Oh, and I do that… contact me for details!

That's all for now my love

Thanks for reading


Alysa is a Spiritual Systems Analyst - She loves to use all of her Virgo / Aquarius fueled superpowers as an astrologer, veteran tarot reader, reiki master and mystic. She hates referring to herself in the third person... but figures it's what everyone else seems to do so hey, why not.

Alysa lives in Ontario Canada with her family where she works from from her Hillsburgh Ontario office, teaching and treating those who need help and healing. Alysa is a huge fan of all things mystical that open the mind and closes down fear. Oh and she has been known to collect large amounts of crystals, tarot cards and books... and comic books. Basically, she is trying to be a grown up while also being a useful human being.

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