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3 reasons being hopeless ain't so bad

Hope is a funny thing. Admittedly I’m disinclined toward it. You might be scratching your head right now wondering if you should continue to read this. You might be thinking what has happened to my favorite Mystic?

Has she fallen down and smacked her head on some disenchantment? Or perhaps she has come to some unlucky end and some other person is writing this blog.

Well, fear not dear reader, tis’ I, your favorite Mystic, here to expound on yet another idea to help you on your journey… or at least give you another perspective to consider.

So, hope - they say it springs eternal. Which I agree with, it truly does. But what does hope actually do? What does it mean? How does it serve us as human beings?

I have often wondered about this, especially when things were difficult. It seems to me that the times when you want to hope the most are when you feel the thing you want is the furthest thing from your reach. It could be that you hope you get the job or that a special someone is going to notice you because you try so hard. You could hope that your diagnosis is good… or at least not as bad as it could be. You could hope that you get there in time, or that maybe you won’t.

In any case hope is something that we all feel as human beings. I would even dare to include it in our emotional spectrum as being something as active (maybe even as powerfully influencing) as love, hate, fear or any other strong emotion.

However I have a problem with it. Like every other emotion, hope has it’s own shadow. Where hope fails, disappointment, regret and hopelessness take up residence. When the person, place or thing you had hoped for doesn’t show up, there is a blank spot or void that is left in its place and you gotta fill it with something. For most of us, it’s usually a “negative” feeling. So you know what I say?

I say as often as possible abandon all hope! At this point you might be saying.. “Yeah Alysa really? Abandon all hope? Then what?”

I’m glad “you’” asked. I have 3 things I would love to offer you instead of hope.

Strategize with intention - Whatever it is you would normally be hoping for I would gently suggest that planning is a much better strategy then just hoping. You know what you want, and you know where you currently are, and you are hoping that you will get where you want to be. Yet, there are times where you wonder if you will ever get to that next level in your life.

Most of the time when people are hoping it is because they feel like there is something that they are missing or that there is some inadequate component in their approach to their goals. This is where I would suggest that it is important to substitute hope with strategy. Look at all the things you have working for you. Look at your skill set, assets and supporters. Organize a plan by which you can achieve increments of your goal. It is amazing what the accumulation of a well executed plan can amount to.

Action - I watched the secret like more than once, multiple times in fact. Each time I turned off the T.V.

feeling very hopeful.

I would put myself into the vortex with all the emotions I could muster that would align me with having the thing I wanted most at the time. I would act as though I already had the desire du jour in my possession. I would think like I already had it and I would emote as though the deal was done. But, I always found myself feeling like there was something missing. And, there was! It was the thing that I wanted, it was missing even though I know I did all the steps right. So me being me I would think it over. In retrospect I would examine my every action, thought and emotion and be 100 % sure I followed the instructions… then it occured to me one day where the glitch was. I would keep hoping I was doing it right. I would do everything I was supposed to except for acting in alignment with accepting the things I wanted. The Universe likes it when you accept what you've asked for.... but the universe likes it even more if you are actively taking steps to achieve... not just hope that you will.

Trust - Similar to hope but much more reliable. So, as the manifesting magician you are

you probably know this little pearl of wisdom; but it bears repeating. Trust is very powerful. It implies that whatever or whoever you put your trust in has great authority and can either open or block the path that leads to what it is you want. Sometimes we can make mistakes and trust in the wrong things or people, that’s ok, that is a learning opportunity if you allow it to be. However, there is one place you can always place your trust without the risk of it being a mistake. Ok technically two but for now we will focus on the one. That is the Prime Creator, or God, or the Universe… or, whichever way you call upon the highest of all Conscious Creators. While this can be a topic that can be difficult to contain in one or two sentences, I would like to suggest that putting your trust in the order of a Divine Plan is about as safe as you can get. If you trust that all that comes to you - good or bad is working toward your greater good then you can see how the need for hope is replaced by the peace of trust.

So, now you can see why I can say being hopeless ain't so bad.

If you need a little bit of help becoming more hopeless reach out, I can help.

That's all for now xoxoxoxox

Thanks for reading!

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