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Moon phase meanings and what you need to know about your birth Moon

Your Moon sign is only part of the story!
When you were born the Sun inhabited a sign and a house in the wheel of the zodiac, which attuned you to a certain vibration that influences your personality, the things you like and dislike. I'm sure you could recite the characteristics that your Sun sign is known by, which element it is associated with and all sorts of other tid-bits of Astro- trivia. Like the Sun, the Moon imparts personality traits to you as well, both by the sign and the house it is inhabiting at the time of your birth.
The biggest difference is that the Sun is related to your inner self, your energy and your attitude toward life in general. Whereas the Moon influences and characterizes your emotional identity. It represents your emotional urges, defaults and how you respond to things.
Adding more dimension to your emotional identity I like to look at the phase of the Moon's cycle you were born under. This adds another facet to your zodiacal profile.
Check out the list below
Each of the phases below should help you to gain a deeper understanding of your own emotional nature... or as I like to say... why you feel how you feel about your feelings.
New Moon

The New Moon is all about potential. If you were born during this Moon phase you feel the need to leave a legacy in the world. You aren't content with just sitting back and watching the world go by, your drive to claim your destiny is ingrained in the very fiber of your being. Not to be obscured in the dark, you feel as though shining your beautiful radiant light on the world is more than a want it is a need. You are an innovator and your eye is always directed toward the future you wish to create. People around you regard you as someone who is full of vitality and enthusiasm. This is because you like the Moon are at the beginning of a cycle. Your Karmic journey is at the start of a new cycle my dear and this is noted in your birth chart by the New Moon phase at the time of your birth.

Go get 'em, tiger!

Crescent Moon

Like a sliver of silver in the velvet sky, the waxing moon shines a hint of its light. If you were born during this Phase you may feel the need for more security in your life. This is desire for security may lead you to be more nostalgic and hold tight to the past. You may feel that the safety of the past is comforting and easier to invest in than the uncertainty of the future. As we each come into this life with lessons to learn, your soul’s lesson is to find independence and security through uncoiling all of the subconscious programming, limiting beliefs, and outdated thinking that holds you back. As you culture and nourish belief in yourself, your strength, security, and self-esteem will grow and flourish, and then you will have the independence you crave. Discover and claim your true self and you will shine!

First Quarter Moon

If you were born when the Moon was waxing and reflecting half of her light then you were born into

what is sometimes called a period of adjustment and is often referred to or known as "Crisis in Action”. Being born during this phase you are highly adaptable and you can easily make decisions because you think quickly on your feet. You are enthusiastic about change, you love tearing down old systems to create new and better ones. Your ability to deftly adapt allows you to weather storms that would sink other ships... so to speak. You my dear, are able to thrive in the disruptive sea of energy is around you, in fact, sometimes you feel the most comfortable when you have a problem you can solve with creative and decisive action. You are kind of like an energetic MacGyver.


If you were born into this life when the waxing moon was 3/4 full then you were born under the shine of

the Gibbous Moon. You love to learn, collecting information like some people collect Instagram photos. You are compelled to seek truth and understand the purpose of anything that catches your fancy. You are a true investigator, delving into the depths of reality and seeking the source of thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. The purpose of your intense scrutiny is to gather and assimilate as much knowledge as you can. Your intense appetite for understanding drives you to search in every dark corner, shining the light of understanding on anything unknown to you. You live for uncovering every bit of information you can so that you may share knowledge with the world around you. Or as some might say... educate the unwashed masses (hahahaha) You seek knowledge so that you can sculpt yourself to be the best at whatever you do.

Full Moon

Just as the Full Moon commands the attention of the world, So to do those of you who are born during this phase. You desire the adoration of others, and you will seek relationships that allow you to align with opportunities to develop a sense of inner balance and harmony. Like the Full Moon, you will mirror the emotions of those you are closest to which gives you the sense that you are in resonance with other people. You are deeply empathic, which can sometimes be troubling for you. Also, you may have a tendency to be impulsive, looking before you leap isn't always your first choice. Your instincts lead the way even when your heart and mind protest. Your soul's quest for inner peace is best fulfilled through developing a strong spiritual foundation. Your ability to navigate emotions will be much clearer and easier to accept when you come to understand that you are connected to all of creation through your personal connection to The Divine.


When you were born under the waning moon at 3/4 full, it is called a Disseminating Moon. As the moon prepares to complete it’s cycle, there is a need to disseminate - or share all of the lessons learned from the proceeding phases of the moon's cycle. When you are born under the disseminating Moon you are compelled to share your understandings and philosophies with others. You may often feel a sense of urgency to accomplish your life’s purpose. A natural-born communicator, your need to share your wisdom with others can make you inclined toward speaking or writing. If you had it your way you would have your own little soapbox to stand on and shout out the good news... or bad. As you evolve, try and remember you don't have to change the world, you only have to live in it.

Last Quarter Moon

As the Moon begins to wane and appears half full it is referred to as the last quarter Moon. The moon is completing its cycle, traveling deeper into the shadow of the Sun, with more darkness covering its surface. If you were born during this phase, your soul is in a process of re-calibrating who you are and where you feel you belong. This phase of the cycle is called the “crisis in consciousness”. This is because the moon is only reflecting less than half of the Sun's light. Your goal in this lifetime is to allow your inner compass... or light to guide you. If you have felt misunderstood, isolated, or alone throughout your life, undoing those feelings comes when you learn to be your own guiding light. Don't compare yourself to other people as this only breeds more feelings of insecurity and discontentment. Embrace your unique path and self. Don't be afraid to be who you are even if that means you

Balsamic Moon

As the moon moves into the final stages of its cycle most of its surface is covered in almost total darkness. Those born under the Balsamic moon often feel an urgency to complete unfinished business. During this phase, you are ending a karmic cycle – learning to let go of the past and embracing the potentials of the future. You are learning lessons that usher you into a whole new phase that is perfect for becoming a master at manifesting. You have come into this life with lots of karmic contracts to complete, making you feel as though most of your important relationships were fated from the beginning. Whether you realize it or not you HIGHLY PSYCHIC and SENSITIVE which can sometimes make it difficult for you to exist in the "normal" world. If you learn to rely on your sensitive nature you will find it easier to protect yourself while also finding those meaningful relationships you crave. You have an uncanny ability to explain complicated concepts easily, helping others along in their own journey to awakening.

I hope you found this helpful! If you don't know the phase of the Moon's cycle you were born under - no problemo!

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Thanks for reading!

Until next time


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