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Moon in Pisces

Hey Summer love,

From July 2nd to the 5th The Moon is in the sign of the fish, so why not delve into the depths of your heart and soul.

As you know whenever the moon and Pisces it is a time when we are feeling more imaginative and even intuitive. We feel things more deeply and our sense of oneness with others is heightened.

This is a time where you are able to take steps to delve into your own psyche and dissolve ego where it might be slowing your growth. The sign of Pisces is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions. This represents the innate ability of the Piscean energy to see things from all sides as well as being pulled in opposite directions. It is the job of this energy to help you to identify that which is illusion from that which is truth. Not gonna lie - that can be very challenging at times.

As you sort through what is real and what isn't here are some upcoming aspects for you to work with over the next few days.

On the 2nd of July Moon Sextile Saturn - Might make you fee a little protective of your family and and even your significant other. Your desire to show how deeply you care for them will be expressed in practical ways. You probably wont feel the need to do so in huge public displays. It will be all about showing your love through delicious meals, a comfortable home and all the bills paid. You might also feel like hanging out at home and just enjoying some time away from other hooomans ( or people as they are commonly referred to.) This is a good time for digging deeper and finding the source of some of your more serious emotions and you might find some real benefit from doing this with a loved one. Your mind will be filled with thoughts about commitment, loyalty and what your definitions of family are right now. My dear, this is a really good opportunity for you to operate from a place of heart centered compassion while you carry out your duties and responsibilities. Any obligations you have pending as it concerns your family are best done during this transit as your nature will be reserved while your heart stays open

July 3rd Moon Trine Sun - This transit is about as good as it gets because it will feel like all systems are go for many of us. Your mind, body and soul will feel like they are all harmonically balanced. You might feel like this is the first time in a good while where you don't have to pretend to feel as good as you look... and you look marvelous! This transit also provides all the energy you will need to shine your focus on the projects and tasks you have set up to do. Oh and if you ever suffer from relaxation guilt - go ahead and take the energy of the Moon Trine Sun and put that guilt where it belongs... way out of your mind. Just soak up the good vibes, I officially give you permission. As an added bonus drama should be at a minimum and just good harmonious vibes will surround you. Relationships will be sweet and easy and you will benefit from being the calm and easy force in the room, so it's a great time to socialize and spend time with people who you really enjoy. Oh, and if you have something awesome you want to promote... DO IT!

On the 4th Moon Quincux Venus - Sees a bit of a shift in the energy. You might feel a noticeable increase in your need for love, attention and affection but annoyingly there could be an increases in tension between you and someone you love. Interestingly, that other person will usually be a woman, someone with strong feminine energy or even your mother. However that doesn't exclude the tension that could bubble up with a male partner, cause it could happen there too. The tension you feel is because of an imbalance that exists in the way love and affection is shared between you. You might feel that you are giving more than you are reeving. Or they might feel you are always taking and never returning. This has probably been a long standing issue that just happens to crap up your day by rearing it's ugly head again. The bummer about this whole situation is that things could boil over into an argument or some uncomfortable revelations could be uncovered. There might be a chance that infidelity or inappropriate behavior could be a central point of tension. My advice, take your time and figure out what you really want before you make any permanent decisions. You will want to know that your choice is the best one over the long haul.

That's all for now my dear Moonlings.

I hope this helps you and if it does, share it with someone else who might benefit.

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Until next time



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