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Tarot on the go. Mobile apps for mobile Mystics.

As much as I prefer to give readings in person, sometimes you just don't have the time or even the access to a good reader. Let's face it there are plenty of situations that arise where you need an answer or at the very least some guidance right now and you can't really wait to get an appointment with someone.

Or if you're like me, you carry cards where ever you go but you can't exactly open your bag, bust out your cards and do a spread while you're sitting in the restaurant waiting for your food. Well, I guess you could if you don't mind the stares or requests for readings from strangers. Or the potential to be chased out of said establishment with pitch forks and torches.

now just in case you aren't dependent on your phone enough, I thought I would share with you my top three picks for Tarot apps. These are pretty good apps and they will likely help you with an answer for that need to know question. Keep in mind these are based on my personal preferences and apps I have used and enjoyed. They are all free to use but have pay options if you like.

Galaxy Tarot - This app has been on my phone forever! I love this app because it is a great tool to use for daily guidance along with deepening your understanding of the symbolism in Tarot. I'm a huge fan of having multiple streams of information at my finger tips and this app doesn't disappoint. Even though it only uses the Rider-Waite cards and doesn't have a huge library of spreads it makes up for it with it's simplicity and ease of use. The app is easy to navigate and the interface is simple and clean; you don't have to work with it long before feeling like a natural with it. It has lots of good information and has a goodly amount of information to help you make use of the collection of symbols in the cards. If you want supplemental info about each card beyond its meaning this app certainly provides. It has a correspondence listing for each card. So if you wanted to know what zodiac sigbn, crystal and I-ching hexagram is relates to the king of swords - you can easily find it. It's a simple app but well worth a download.

Tarot Sampler - With over ten thousand downloads this little app offers you beautiful high-res images which of course I love.It has 19 spreads to choose from that are built right into the app which is nice. You can also zoom right in on the cards which I like because not only do I enjoy details... I tend to misplace my glasses a lot. This app is easy to use whether you are a beginner or a pro so it will grow with you as you become a stronger reader. As for being a pro you can also share your readings via email. This is a helpful feature because you can send your clients Pics of the readings you do for them which I find my clients really like. This is a fun app and I suggest giving it a go.

Uni Tarot - This little app is pretty cool. It boasts over 8 decks and has 15 spreads you can play with. Some of the decks you can work with are the Rider- Waite, Tarot Marseilles, Tarot of Giovanni Vacchetta and a whole bunch more. You have the option of which decks you want to download and which you don't which is also pretty cool... if you're like me you will just wind up downloading them all. Like Galaxy Tarot there is additional in depth information provided about each card including Astrology, numerology, elements and colors. You can also compare cards sided by side from different decks which is sure to elevate your Tarot fluency. This is a great app for learning as well as reading, especially since it also has an on board encyclopedia of card meanings. The spreads are varied enough that you shouldn't get board to easily and you will be sure to find your favorite before too long.

So there ya go, some options for your mobile mystical needs. All of these apps have something great to offer and I'm sure if you try any of these out you will find one that fits your needs and personality.

As for me, I'll always be collecting decks and finding something new and unique to continue my Tarot journey. I hope you like what you read and please, if you have a better app let me know I'd be happy to give it a try.

Until next time ❤

Love Alysa

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