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Full Moon in Sagittarius

Hey Path Finder,

You will have many New Beginings in your life. Some will take you far away from everything familiar and some will bring you home. Ultimately you will always find yourself In the same place no matter where you are.... directly over the center of the Earth.  

From the 28th to the 31st the Moon and the Archer are in lockstep once again. If you are feeling an urge to travel beyond the confines of what is familiar this is why. Sagittarius is the sign of wanderlust; it is the sign that inspires spontaneous road trips and deep philosophical conversations on the hood of your car while you watch the night transform into day.  

When The Full Moon shines bright on the trail for Sagittarius he enthusiastically rushes down it. The combined energy of the full Moon and Sagittarius is optimistic, jovial and wide ranging. Notice how you are called to seek the truth, fearlessly forging ahead as you define and refine. You may feel as though you are searching the expanses of your own idealisms.  Right now dear Moonling, details are just blurring into the scenery of the great wide open you are far more interested in the big picture . 

It's like you have this need for freedom but also your heart yerns for wisdom and higher learning. You want adventure, you want magic... you want to find the mystical places that expand your mind. 

So darling, breathe deeply and bend your bow with the strength of your intentions. Nock an arrow on the string and aim your attention at what you want most and let the universe guide the rest.

May 28th Moon Quincux Uranus shifts the energy a bit. You may have feelings from your past arrive unannounced. It might feel as though there is an electricity in the air that disrupts your thoughts. Don't be surprised if you are acting a bit impulsively, acting as though you are propelled by forces even you don't  understand. You don't want to conform, it's like the kid inside you is blowing raspberries at anyone whoever told you to color inside the lines. A word to the wise... even Master's are still students.

Now May 29th brings a Moon Sextile Mars Are you feeling a little bit competitive and also a little cooperative? 

Perfect! That's exactly what I would expect with this transit. You might feel kinda like jumping on a dragon's back, flying to Kings Landing and showing 'em what a real army can do. 

Or is that just me?

G.O.T references aside this highly energetic transit is perfect for playing physical games .... of all sorts...

Wink, wink - nudge, nudge. Sexual attraction is going to be a little more of an undertone. 

You could feel very inclined toward showing your fierce independence. Letting the world know that you are strong enough to "do the thing" (thank you to Bootica Flux for getting that little nugget stuck in my head.) In any case your need to go forward into the world with force and make your mark boldly. You want to be first and you're ready to fight for it. 

May 30th gives us a Moon Square Neptune this can bring unusual feelings or experiences that leave you puzzling about  reality. With events, conversations or even just feelings that leave your head spinning there is a good chance you won't have a firm grasps on your own perceptions. Darling it might be that you don't really know if you are coming or going. Because you might be feeling unsure of even your own judgement it is bet to leave major decisions until after this energy passes.

Dear heart, because of all the fogginess you may be feeling more vulnerable to deceit and being taken advantage of. So again I can't stress enough how important it is for you to avoid making commitments and or snap decisions. I know this can be especially difficult if you are feeling loads of pressure. Just sit tight my dear things will clear up. Sp3cial note for folks in recovery - do your best to stay away from places and people that may trigger you. This kind of energy makes temptation to fall into a nice fuzzy haze even more inviting. If you feel that your citcumstances are pushing you toward the edge, keep in mind it will pass. Find some other way to express that energy. 

That's all for now my dear Moonling. Thank you for spending time reading my blog.

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Until next time



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