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Moon in Playful Leo

The Moon is in Leo from April 22nd to the 24th this is a time where fun is king. Your inner blanket fort builder is ready to make the most epic castle ever. 

You will most likely feel the warm fuzzies when you are engaging in some play with those near and dear. Leo rules the 5th house of fun, children and play and while the Moon share the Lions space you can bet that this is a good time to get silly. Also, your feelings of personal pride help you to let things just slide off your back which is good especially since latley we've all been a little testy to say the least.

However, Leo's influence can also inhibit you from opening up and letting everyone know how you really feel about things. Just be aware my love that everything with Leo is always grand and dramatic while seeking the lime light in center stage. This doesn't inherently make you self centered but sometimes people can take it that way. It's ok to want attention so don't feel bad about expressing your self just be conscious of how long of a shadow you cast.

You know what? I like it when Moon Squares Jupiter and that happens on the 23rd You will probably feel a little effervescent... you know the feeling where you want to just hover instead of walk?  Well, darlin' while the Moon Squares Jupiter you will want to enjoy the best of life. Your core relationships will need a lot of attention to keep everyone feel happy and as though their needs are getting met. Just so you know, you might be a touch moody though. You could enjoy some public popularity if you are so inclined. So you might want to get your YouTube game going. On there other hand I would like to invite you to be careful when it comes to self control. In other words you might be a little more tempted for the second... or third helping of cake. Also you might want to be careful as it concerns disreputable relationships. Another way to put that is... if you are tempted; don't do it, it will bite you in the ass later.

Over all use this energy in your favor. If people compliment you, let them... enjoy it. Bask in the love my dear. 

Next, Mars Sextiles Jupiter on the 24th  I love how this aspect infuses you with courage and a warriors spirit. If you have something that has been intimidating you like a project of a lifestyle change now is the time to conquer it, you will probably see success. Another benefit to this aspect is that you will most likely have a little extra boost of good luck. I'm not saying you should go to the casino and gamble the nest egg or anything. (But if you do and you win that's awesome! just don't.) Speaking of gambling and games you might be feeling a little extra competitive which could actually be fun as long as you can keep your temper in check. This is a high energy transit is excellent for working your butt off and then playing your heart out. For those of you looking for some romance in your life there is some really supportive energy on your side for finding someone special. You will ooze sex appeal and your magnetism will help attract the eye of someone who could make life a little more fun.

Oh, and if you haven' had enough of retrograde energy Pluto goes Retrograde as of the 22nd. 

With Saturn and Jupiter leading the charge Pluto now flows its fellows into retro-motion. This little backward dance is a regular occurrence every year that lasts about five months every year. Most of the outer planets are a little less severe when they go RX unlike our more personal inner planets. When Pluto goes retrograde as a transit its a time for you to take a deep look into your beliefs about the power structures in your life. You will want to delve into your core beliefs as it concerns who and what you believe holds the authority in your life. You will likely be looking at your past and where the foundations of your feelings and thoughts about power were laid into your consciousness.

Part of what Pluto does is helps us to detoxify and eliminate. It's energy wants you... nay demands that you flush out and detoxify the poisons or inhibitors in your life. You might notice an increase in synchronicity and what appears to be fated encounters and or events. These instances will seem to entrench you even deeper into some of these controlling habits, compulsions, addictions or prejudices that you must eliminate from your life in order to see growth. You can identify the yucky stuff you need to let go of by how you feel... If it makes you feel like crap - chances are that you need to FLUSH the crap. Just be aware love, that this is a time for cleansing and as much as I hate it, there may be moments when it is painful. The good news is that unlike when inner planets go retrograde, when an outer planet goes retrograde things happen bit by bit. You don't get slammed with everything all at once thankfully. However it might feel like its taking forever to just feel normal again.

Think of it this way... if you do the hard work and destroy things that have power over you now than your growth as a spiritual being will have advanced yet more. 

That's all for  now Moonling ,thank you for taking time out to read. I hope it will help you.  

If you would like to see how you to know about how all of this is affecting you personally... you to where to find me.



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