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Swimming Back To Shore With The Moon in Pisces

Hey Sweet Heart,

I know it has been rough lately but our Moon glides into the sign of Pisces and stays there From April 11th to the 13th. Intuition is strong and feelings are more sensitive during this periods. This is a time when compassion, love and sympathy will be on the surface of your thoughts.

It will be of great benefit to others around you. The planetary co- rulers of Pisces are Neptune and Jupiter, they each contribute something special to this Moon's transit.

Jupiter is sort of the cosmic Santa that offers bounty and blessings to all those that are in its beneficial path. Neptune shares its feminine energy and is known as the higher octave of Venus and is the second of the transcendental planets. Don't be surprised if you feel your heart chakra opening wider and your well of compassion becoming deeper and filled with generous benevolence. Darling, we all need love and tender care right now and the Moon shines her light on the stream of consciousness that ferries our thoughts and feelings from the secret places within our hearts out into the open.

The idealistic energy of Pisces has you longing for a world that makes sense. If you find yourself feeling one way one minute and then totally different a short time later this really is just the changing nature of this energy.

You know... being indecisive and feeling a littleconfused.

After all of the drama of Mercury retrograde of the last few weeks I think it's safe to say we all would like some clarity and for things to just go back to normal. Well my dear, things are heading that way. Pisces is sort of softening your reflexive responses to negative situations, making you a little more accepting and adaptive.

We also benefit from a Moon sextile Uranus which will help you to feel open to shifting things in your life and you may actively seek out ways in which you can expand your horizons. This my dear is a very advantageous time for trying something new in your home life and or private life.

You may also experience stronger than normal intuition which can ... if you allow it... guide you in making quick decisions on which way to go, or how you can follow your joy best. Go ahead love, follow your gut and leverage opportunities that come your direction. With the non-conformist influence of Uranus energizing you, this is a good time to explore and discover original ways of doing things because of your revolutionary and inspired nature. You might have a lightning bolt of insight that provides a new solution to an old problem.

*** A word to the wise... Be ware of the urge to fall into a pool of self pity. The moon invites you to look at your own reflection and while you're looking at surface of your reflection be sure that the shadows of your mind don't distort what you see. The introspective mind can sometimes become over sensitive and attempt to drown you in tears of self pity. Don't let it. Remember your life is good and blessed. There is always someone who has more and always some one who has less.

That's all for now Moonlings.

Until next time.

If you need me you know where to find me

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