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Rejuvination with the Moon in Scorpio

Hey Love Bug,

After a rough couple of days it's nice for the Moon to enter Scorpio. From April 1st to the 4th the Moon stays in the transformative company of Scorpio bringing with it powerful emotions and intense moments of intuition.

Scorpio has a deep and imponderable nature, in the case of this sign, still waters really do run deep. Like water, the Scorpionic energy is like a force of nature compelling you toward your ultimate destination. Don't be surprised if you feel even more passionate or even a bit more willful while the Scorpion holds court with the Moon. 

Scorpio rules the 8th house. Legacy, inheritance and your attitudes about change, death and rebirth. If your thoughts have been lingering around what you will give to the world that will be worth remembering, then you may not want to ask yourself what gifts you have. Instead, you might do well to ask what to do with the gifts you possess. For in those gifts lie your souls true purpose. Allow yourself to be sensitive. Allow your intuition to speak to you.

On Monday I have the feeling you might enjoy the sense of enthusiasm and zest that the Moon sextile Mars brings in. It will feel good to get realigned with a project by taking some action steps. Or maybe your spring cleaning will be less of a headache and a bit more fun. Either way you go that Mars energy will be welcome. Mars loves to get things done and with the influence of the Scorpio Moon hovering around, it is certainly worth listening to your feelings when choosing where to direct your energy.

Later Neptune and the Moon bless us with a friendly trine, making you even more sensitive, compassionate and empathetic to those around you. You may also be a bit more inclined than usual toward letting your thoughts float into the clouds. You won't be the only one tempted and charmed by your daydreams. It's lovely and rejuvenating to just let go, relax and let flights fancy wing you to beautiful places.

That's right my love, sometimes you just need to take a mental vacation.

☆☆☆ Word to the wise - Remember that while the next couple of days should be a little on the warm and fuzzy side there is always a potential for emotions to bubble over. Be mindful of how hoew you feel vs how you behave. Make sure your emotions are on the same page as your intentions. Sometimes things can get blurry even when they are warm and fuzzy.

That's all for now Moonlings. If you need me, you know where to find me.


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