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Full Moon in Libra. Hear No Evil. Speak No Evil.

Hey Grumpy Pants,

The full Moon takes residence in the sign of Libra from March 30th to April 1st.

Libra rules the 7th house of relationships and is ruled by Venus the planet of love and beauty. Also, Libra is interested in seeking equality in relationships through using diplomacy. But you might not see to much diplomacy this time around.

However seeking diplomacy will be rather important, as you may be feeling a bit of internal stress or strain as you attempt to get your needs met. 

Trust me my dear speaking your mind will need to be done deftly to avoid creating more difficulty between you and a loved one. We all want our needs met so try to use calm tones and open arms even when you are met with resistance.

We are also under the influence of a very full and energetic blue moon. With so much energy targeting communication... you know, with Mercury in Retrograde and a full moon in Libra and also a moon in opposition with Mercury your thoughts and feelings could literally feel like they are at war. This may result in some pretty intense misunderstandings.

Additionally we have a Saturn square Moon to deal with... Oh yeah that's fun. I'm sure you can tell I'm being sarcastic. 

So the influence of a Saturn square Moon is going to be heavy to say the least. If you feel sad, moody or even a bit depressed, now you have something to blame. It will pass darling, I promise. Just do your best not to dwell on what you're not thrilled with. Remember, what you focus on expands so redirect your focus so you don't expand misery.

To help it all pass a little easier I invite you to treat yourself and everyone you come in contact with loads of compassion. It might be tempting to tell them where to stick it but... don't it won't make things better.

Here is a little mantra to say to yourself as we tavel through our collective experience. 

I am flexible.

I am benable.

I do not break.

I breathe with ease  

Because I am in the center, I am at home within myself.

That's all for now Moonlings. Thank you for reading and if you need me you can find me at North Star Mystic

Until next time.



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