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Moon in Virgo

The Moon is beautiful, it lights the dark corners of your life softly. It is a diffused light that requires you to proceed slowly, deliberately, with caution and a searching eye. It is a subtle, but powerful energy; Ever present... seen or unseen. Now, the Moon shares space with Virgo. From March 28th to the 30th the moon and Virgo commune falling in love with each other. Logic and intuition; two halves creating a whole.

Virgo loves all things organization but that is not the only place you will find Virgo at home. The symbol of Virgo is the virgin, but that is only way that Virgo expresses energy. Virgo is at home in the 6th house in the zodiac, health, work and service are all under the watchful gaze of the virgin. Virgo is interested in refining and defining a better system of how you approach your wellness. With the compliment of the moon, you will experience Virgo's energy by analyzing how you feel about where you are in your life currently.

Don't get caught up my love! If you indulge Virgo's nervous energy you could find yourself spinning your wheels over analyzing every little detail of what you feel you aren't doing right. Seeking a way out of your habit like Sarah searching for the Goblin King in the Labyrinth. (cue 80's movie reference.) If that was too obscure... just think of it in terms of trying to find the best and most efficient path leading to your happiness.

And speaking of happiness - I do love a good segway - Virgo and the moon want you to find yours. The moon likes to invite your subconscious desires to the surface... so fair warning, there may be a tear or two as you realize your life's purpose is waiting for you; even if you feel you have been waiting all your life for it.

Remember, it is about cultivating and curating a more sophisticated version of you. Virgo doesn't want to stifle, instead the desire is to align you perfectly with your purpose.

That's all for now dear Moonling.

Until next time.

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