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Hey Peace makers, The moon is visiting the sign of Libra for the next few days.

Hey Peace makers,

The moon is visiting the sign of Libra for the next few days. If your feeling like fighting the good fight and being an agent of justice the Libra moon energy is the most complimentary partner for channeling your inner super hero.

Libra loves balance and seeks to achieve it through objectivity. Looking at things from the perspective of the observer. That's not to say that Libra lacks emotion... what it does imply is that Libra influences you by helping you to see things through a rational lens.

During the moons stay in Libra your desire to surround yourself with beauty will also be hightened - because of Libra's planetary ruler Venus. And if you know Venus than you know that she will pull you towards her with an invitation promising social interactions with beautiful people in beautiful surroundings.

Also this moon will likely inspire the urge... or craving for a work/ play balance. Lately you might have had this nagging feeling that you need a break. Like you need to cut loose and laugh and love and be irresponsible because you work a lot... and we'll dammit you deserve it! So Moonling, I say go for it! And don't worry you won't get too carried away; Libra will coax you back to the grind as its energy is ever seeking balance.

♡♡♡ Keep in mind that sometimes Libra energy can be a little scattered. Because this sign is a social butterfly you could accidentally over book yourself. Just slow down and touch your feet to the ground. Look at your calendar and choose by priority.

That's all for now. If you found this helpful please like and share! Please join my group North Star Mystic

Until next time Moonlings - ❤🌛🌟🌜❤

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