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Moon in Aries + New Moon = KAHHBOOM! Changes

Hey Instigators,

Here we are again at the beginning of the Zodiac. Everything in the universe, on Earth and in the heavens has a beginning - a point of origin, a place from which all life generates. In the Zodiac the beginning point is the sign of Aries The Ram. The Moon will stay in Aries From March 17th to the 19th.

Aries is like a ember ... no, rather like an spark I think. That is to say that the energy of Aries is always hot and some might even say combustible. The Ram is hosting the Moon for a little while and while he does he will expect nothing less than action and courage from you. You will need to stand up and stand out!

You might even be called into a fight. Just remember that words and fists have the same result - pain.

Aries is inclined toward ambitiously pursuing one conquest after the next. Whether you are intent on capturing a new job, love interest or a new way in which you present yourself to the world; NOW is the time to take action, the odds are in your favor.

With the pioneering influence of Aries combined with the New Moon energy propelling you forward, it's like you are riding a super charged lightning bolt of kinetic energy. You might feel like you are hurtling through life on a collision course, but rest assured, being the first one across the line doesn't mean that the race is over.

The Ram will instill you with courage as The New Moon opens up an energetic portal for you to draw in the energy to make manifest projects or desires. My dear, I would invite you to strike while the iron is hot. This is the perfect time to be proactive, and like the ram, boldly go in pursuit of your hearts desire.

Please, Please dear Moonling, remember to use a bit of caution and forbearance.

Aries has a tendency toward being combative; ready... and willing to lock horns with anyone who projects a threat.

Avoid injury! Take time to think your reactions through.

Don't start a war when it can be avoided. I know it can be difficult when Aries's energy is all like... You talkin' to me? Huh? You talkin to me? Everyone's fuse might be a little shorter than usual, so put your ego in check and let the sh*t pass.

That's all for now Moonling's. Thank you for taking the time out to read.

If you would like more updates join my group northstarmystic on Facebook

Or for Tarot Readings and Astrology visit my website

Until next time... keep your temper in check <3 <3



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