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Moon in Aquarius,The Water Bearer's Transit

Hey Black Sheep,

Can you feel the changes as the moon enters into the sign of Aquarius? The water bearer is an interesting mix of opposing yet complimentary energies. At once the observer and the humanitarian, Aquarius loves to watch and learn; categorically unraveling the ways of human kind.

Just as the Moon illuminates our nights, it is also capable of showing us the shadows that

reside in the darkest corners of our hearts and minds. With the help of Aquarius, you may come to a surprising and newly expanded understanding of your own motivations. Interestingly, you may make some discoveries even in what is the

usual and familiar territory of your own heart.

Feelings and thoughts, Intuition and logic - these are the things you must integrate within yourself. Aquarius and the moon will help you to accomplish this if you allow their influences into your life. Nurture your inventive urges my dear, allow yourself the space to think freely and perhaps you may arrive at an unconventional solution to a persistent problem.

Technology is your friend my love. Don't be afraid to use it to help you achieve your goals. Aquarius loves to be on the event horizon, leading the charge toward the future. You may find that you have a flash of sudden discoveries that ignite that revolutionary spirit that will help you unlock your genius.

Ever the non-conformist, your Unique brand of intuition will be especially strong over the next few days because both the Moon and Uranus (which is one of Aquarius's two ruling planets) are both associated with psychic sensitivity. You may wish to take some time to boost your normal energetic hygiene routine to protect yourself over the next few days.

>>> If at some point over the next little bit you feel disconnected from the world - don't worry it will pass. Sometimes the Aquarian moon can make you feel somewhat emotionally distanced from every day life and the people around you could ask you why you are being so distant. You might be feeling a little weird or off kilter, or just plain grumpy and out of sorts. Don't worry this will pass, it always does darlin'. Try to give yourself permission and space to walk on the weird side.

It's OK babe, everyone is doing it!

Thank you once again for taking time out to read this. I hope you find it useful!

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That's all for now, until next time Moonlings

Alysa Bartha

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